• It may be skin to skin friction.I'm not a man but I might suggest getting some other pants or suitable running shorts to protect yourself; I believe that cricketers have special pants to protect from the ball; there may well be other sports pants to protect yourself.Visit a good sports shop/section in a department store.It could also be sweat,a bit of talcum powder might help (don't apply in public!).See the doctor or chemist if you are still concerned,they may be able to prescribe a cream or similiar.
  • Baby poweder works wonders!! Thats what my track coatch said to teh boys xD
  • Wild guess - jock rash from spending too much time with a moist crotch. Powder is good - try Gold Bond Medicated. If the powder doesn't work, lube down with petroleum jelly, give yourself a light coat to keep the goodies from rubbing. Don't overdo it, you just need for them to slide, not swim around in goo. Antibacterial ointment <- google that for popular and readily available brands like Neosporin or bacitracin. Tinactin spray, ointment or liquid is a good choice, as are similar brands. They may tingle for a minute, but it's worth it when you can walk without looking like you have a broomstick in your bum.
  • It sounds like chafing - you can get it any place your body is rubbing together or against clothing. I've had it in the same area as you and the nipple region, but it can probably happen anywhere clothing/body parts rub together. It's more frequent when you first start or go back to running, since those areas aren't used to the abuse. You can prevent it by using special products like Body Glide or even just petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the area. Also, make sure you are drinking enough fluids. That makes you sweat which serves as a lubricant, making it less likely to happen.
  • Another things is called, I think, Diaparene. It's a thick product for babies but works for adults. A & D Ointment does the same thing, but get the brand name stuff--I tried a Chinese knockoff and it started burning. The Chinese cleverly disguise their solid pollution as merchandise and ship it to us to save landfill space.
  • Aloe vera gel

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