• Cellulite is fat, but the formation of cellulite has nothing to do with HOW MUCH fat a person has. Underweight people and people of healthy weights can all develop cellulite. It isn't really known exactly what causes cellulite, but the general concensus is that there are several factors that come into play.
  • Cellulite isn't the result of excess fat. It's normal and healthy for women to store fat around the buttock and thigh area - cellulite isn't the result of fat itself, but the skin fibres in the area splitting and the fat poking through (think of an old matress with the stuffing poking out) creating an orange peel effect. Men tend to have differently structured skin fibres which contain the fat better (plus they tend to store fat in a more evenly distributed way) which is why men don't get cellulite. Your tendency towards cellulite is determened virtually completely according to your genes, and how strong or weak those containing skin fibres are. Skin fibres weaken with age as well, which explains why cellulite increases as we age. It has nothing at all to do with the amount of calories you consume, and isn't indicative of obesity (in fact, it's not unknown for anorexics to have cellulite), or poor health in general. So cellulite, whilst related to fat, isn't really affected by how much fat you have. Unfortunately this means that if you have it, there's precious little you can do about it.
  • often people who exercise more though tend to have less, like if their thighs are really toned and they have exercised and eaten healthy for most of their lives. you cant get rid of it. but it is actually more likely that a skinny girl who doesnt exercise much at all and can eat what she wants, or just restricts calories and doesnt exercise will have more cellulite that a girl who has worked out most of her life and is toned. its about blood flow and circulation aswell!
  • right now i am experiencing problems with cellulite as well. i excersize about three times a day because of practice but for some reason i can still notice a small group of cellulite only located behind my thigh. its very small and almost invisible but i can see it. i have always been skinny and tall so i was very puzzled when my mom told me she thought i had cellulite. either way i am happy with the way my body looks because i work so hard. maybe with the right excersize plan you can minimize the amount of cellulite and not even notice it as much like me.

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