• For mine and to give an example, my mom would always say "Let's go to Wally World!" and I would be so excited to go that I'd be bouncing all over the car, only to discover that, when we pulled into the Wal*Mart parking lot, it was not an amusement park.
  • That the people on TV were in fact small people who lived inside the TV.
  • That you got pregnant by kissing.
  • I was really scared about swallowing apple seeds, I thought for sure I was going to have a tree grow out of my stomach and I wouldn't be able to do anything, plus what would I tell my mom,
  • I thought swallowing watermelon seeds caused an appendicitis, because my mom told me so. Now that I have some medical education, I know it does not.
  • When I was in first grade, I thought the song "America" went: "My country 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, FDIC ..."
  • That my Dad could do anything he wanted, and was the smartest person on earth. The Knotts Berry Farm was Knoxberry Farm. I couldn't figure out why anyone would eat knox berries.
  • That in Medical Schools Doctors received a shot or some kind of permanent medication so they could be next to sick people without getting infected. My neighbor told me a funny one: She said that when she was a little girl she was told and she believed that people who work a the "money factories" or paper money print shops are always naked, so they could not steal any of the money they were printing!
  • When I was very young (about 4) I heard the song "Blueberry Hill". We had a hill a short distance but instead of blueberries, there were blackberries growing there. Well since the guy, can't remember who it was, found his thrill on Blueberry Hill, I reasoned that I could find one too. I had NO idea what a thrill was or what one looked like, (I was under the impression that it was an object) but I was determined to find one and spent many hours searching.
  • That the people on T.V. could see us
  • That the time zones changed when you went North or South instead of East or West.
  • That you could crawl behind the couch, under the carpet, and into the TV. It was like a secret passageway of sorts.
  • My brother believed babies came out of your butts
  • When I was 10 I believed that I would never have 2 good days in a row. For example Monday would be my good day and the Tuesday would be my bad when I would wake up on Tuesday I would automatically say to myself ok its my "Bad day" day.....LOL this went on for about a year...who knows where I came up with this ;)
  • I thought that we vacuumed carpets because it made that pretty design. After the carpets were vacuumed, I always tiptoed over them because I thought I'd get in trouble for messing up the pattern.
  • that your 2nd cousin twice removed had died twice then came back to life...and later i thought that they had married than divorced over and over
  • We grew up on the beach and for some reason i always thought that if there was a tidal wave all we had to do to survive was hold onto the clothes line in the back yard.
  • That Vianna Sausages were actually Babies fingers. I still do. Ew
  • Cows and cats were female horses and dogs respectively. Also I thought evaporated milk came from jersey cows.
  • I thought a few crazy things. I thought you could get pregnant by kissing if you weren't married, but if you were, after 9 months of marriage, you'd just 'get' a baby. Also, I thought that lmnop was one letter, so the alphabet kind of went like" a b c d e f g h i j k lmnop q r s t u v w x y z.
  • That everybody naturally respected everybody else and meant what they said That being over 29 was incredibly old That mum and dad always knew the answers to everything That the angels really floated down to our living room and took our dead cat away to heaven while mummy and me hid in the kitchen and tried to look through the keyhole That eating crusts would make your hair curly That eating carrots would make you see in the dark That teddy bears and dollies and fairies were all really real, with feelings. That when dad pulled a sweetie (candy) out from 'behind my ear' for me, or swooshed his hands and made a coin disappear, it was always real magic. That the stork really brought the babies That there was a crocodile under my bed and a huge friendly lion in the local park.

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