• 52 cards in random. Ace- .076923076 Jack-.006033182504 5-.0004826546003 7-.00003940037553 Odd number-.00001395429967 Should be right this time.=)
  • a) (4/52)x(4/51)x(4/50)x(4/49) There are 4 chances of getting each of them and the deck reduces by one each time. b) For the fifth card you need to know how many of the 48 remaining are odd - there are 40 number cards, half are odd, half even. Three odds have been removed. Therefore there are 17 odd cards. So, the prob is (4/52)x(4/51)x(4/50)x(4/49)x(17/48) I'm now going to read this to see if I'm right! (PS I'm not going to work out the tiny decimal odds...)
  • The odds of the fifth card being odd is 7 out of 24.

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