• When Fujimori was president of Peru, it was sort of like a good dictatorship. However, the opposition that wanted power kicked him out. Unless the dictatorship was ruthless, hense bad, they won't last.
  • I'm not sure exactly what you mean by dictatorship. I think it is possible to have one good ruler who cares about his people and acts with their best interests and not his own. Not likely but possible, at least for a short time. But it's too easy for someone to become a dictator or tyrant, someone who uses oppressive and abusive ways to rule people and claims to be acting for everyone's benefit but only is interested in his own. But I don't think a democracy is much different. It's still people who claim they are acting for the greater good but for the most part are just after making life better for themselves. Man can't rule man effectively for everyone's good. He just can't.
  • No, it is not better. I`m telling it to you like a Russian woman, living in Russia that time when my country called the USSR.I still live in Russia and even our democracy is too young, it`s mucn more better than any dictatoship, especially it` can`t be good ever.
  • What is a bad democracy? Is that when all of the people go bad?
  • I would prefer a bad democracy because being there a "democracy" we can and should always fight against what has gone bad in such a government and thus gain the true government we have voted for. No there is no such thing as a good dictatorship, there is repression, killings and too many people thrown into jail for their believes.
  • I think a good dictatorship and a bad democracy are almost the same thing. Bad democracy is just another form of dictatorship. Dictators realized that an aggressive iron fist style dictatorship results in rebellion, so they became more covert. In a bad democracy people have no real freedom but it gives the people the illusion of choice so they passively accept whatever happens. I think this fake democracy is still better than a nasty dictatorship in every way except one. In an nasty dictatorship a lot of people know they're slaves and in time push for political change. It hopefully becomes a good democracy. However in a bad democracy people think they're free, don't care about politics and therefore never get out of it. Sometimes things have to get worse, to wake everyone up, and then they can get better.
  • neither democracy or dictatorship is good in my opinion... there will be people who suffer under both
  • Ask people in a third-world country who are so hungry for feedom they would risk their life for it. We never know what we have until we no longer have it.
  • Both are the same thing. The only difference is; in a democracy, rich people make the decisions for everyone else whereas in a dictatorship they are more honest about it.
  • The democracy experienced in the US right now is not a representative democracy as it functions now. Way too much influence from monied interests, leaving the large majority of folks without a voice. In a way we are experiencing a corporate dictatorship whenever a politician in power says he/she will do such-and-such regardless strong opposition of the large majority of the general public.

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