• Six sheets of paper, and the legal size envelope. Add a seventh sheet, and you have to buy additional postage. You also have to use additional postage if you mail the document in a manilla envelope, or similar.
  • You can mail 1 oz. for the initial $.37. Of course that is if the thing you are mailing is normal size, i.e. envelopes. It does cost extra to mail things that are of peculiar sizes and shapes reguardless of the weight such as oversized envelopes or odd shaped envelopes. But for a regular size envelope, i.e. ... card, business, letter, it can weigh up to 1 oz. After that it is $.23 for each additional oz.
  • You could get an ounce of something else and put it and your mail on a balance scale. If they are both the right weight both sides of the balance scale will be level. They won't sink or rise on either side.

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