• No, they do not.
  • Why not? If someone is waving a gun around I think they should be able to arrest them!
  • Of course they do, more so if he's a real cop. Usually they're just private security than can make citizen's arrest but they do so all the time with shoplifters.
  • There are two answers here. Is this an officer, working off-duty, at the mall? if so, he still has authority to make arrests. If this is a security guard, he can only detain shoplifter for the police. Most states have citizen arrest laws. this is the authority to detain, used by security guards. Security guards are not police officers. security guards do not have knowledge and training, required by state law, as police officers. They also have never been sworn in to protect the lives and property of the public.
  • Citizen's arrest can be done by anyone.. I think.
  • Yes, if he has been deputized by the local sheriff's department. If not, then he can still legally detain the suspect until the police arrive.

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