• Since they will be quite small puppies because of the size of both bitch and dog she should be safe. The Vet could tell you how many pups she is going to whelp.If she is very tiny maybe the amount of pups could be a problem. They may be quite strangely cute looking.
  • my daughter has a rat terrier bred by a tiny minature dauschund. she had 3.born and raised w/ no problems. fantastic dogs very smart and one has their own personalities...
  • My brother had a daschund Jack Russell mixed dog, he is the sweetest dog. They are a very hyper dog, but very loving. Your a lucky person, I been trying to find one for months!! I think the technical name for them is a Weiner Jack.
  • are you selling these dog i had one and i loved it THERE GREAT DOGS!
  • Our 6 month old Weiner Jack was hit by a car, and we're absolutely heartbroken. She was gorgeous... tan with white "socks" on all 4 paws, and a white tipped tail, and about 25 pounds. This breed should be nationally recognized, and if anyone breeds one that matches my description, I would do anything to have another like her.

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