• This is more of a maths question. You asked how many cubic Planck Lengths (each ~4.0 x 10^-35 m) fill a volume of 1.9*10^33 ly^3. One ly ~= 9.5x10^15 m One cubic ly is that cubed: 8.6 x 10^47 m^3 The volume you quoted must be multiplied by that to get cubic metres: 1.6 x 10^81 m^3 One cubic Planck Length = 6.4 x 10^-104 m^3 Divide the two = 2.5 x 10^184 That's a big number!
  • v=4pieR square divided by 3
  • I believe the correct unit would be spheric Plank lengths given your assumptions.
  • The problem and fact herein lies that this is indeed not a problem to begin with. You can't solve a problem if in fact it is not a problem to which no answer can be given. What is the problem you're asking in mathematical terms? The vastness of the universe is not a problem? However, it can be which is why if I tell you the exact mathematical formula and answer; upon seeing such angelic figures written down and interpreting through our brains would evaporate the entire universe into nothingness making it void in which the problem would have never been created.

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