• Gee I don't know , it's kind of tricky you take the tea bag and put it in a cup of very hot water. Yes I can see all the ways Americans could mess that up. I don't know .. this is a very good question. Perhaps people in England can can dip their tea bag in hot water better then we can.
  • I think I make a good cup of tea, but naturally I'm going to make it the way I like it, regardless of anyone's else's tastes.
  • i can:)
  • Only if you like cheeseburger flavoured teabags. :)
  • Here's a new way, provided you don't mind it cold: Three teabags to a pint of water in the sun. When it's brewed, take the bags out and chill it. Pour half a cup, then fill it with seltzer (club soda). Refreshing, and no need for sugar or lemon
  • Only if taught by a British person
  • They can if they know how to boil water. That, however, is seem as a challenge to some.
  • no but lipton can.
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      That isn't is garbage. At least use Red Rose Tea from Canada to make a decent cup of tea.
  • Yes, when there is an Englishman there standing over our shoulder showing us how.
  • I only drink iced not hot, and I use a Mr Coffee Iced Tea machine. And I use Splenda. And it's green tea, not black. I guess I am not living up to British standards. :)
  • How hard is it to boil water and soak a tea bag in it and then add some sugar to it. The answer is an overwhelming yes.
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      You make me chuckle! Typical American!
  • It depends. Can British people eat McDonalds for 30 days straight and still live to make a film about it?
  • I bet there are 2 or 3, but I don't know them. We can make damn good copy where I live though! (Northwest)
  • What the hell is so hard about making a cup of tea? What, do you think Americans are stupid or something? Sorry, but I find this question a little offensive.
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      No comment needed it would be absurd!
  • THIS American can. i let the water boil for a several minutes. Use PG Tips or Yorkshire Gold. Let it steep for five minutes. Add milk with a splash of cream. And two sugars. I make delicious tea (of course, I have an English mother). I also make great Indian style tea, which I must admit is MUCH better than English style tea, but you love most what you are raised on. BUT any English person who has the nerve to order a hot tea in an American restaurant - where we specialize in ICED TEA- deserves the awful "cup of lukewarm Lipton tea" he will undoubtedly be served. So please don't complain that you can't get a decent cup of tea here. i can't get a decent cup of Ice Tea in Britain.
  • Not only do we make the best tea,we taught the British more than just a thing or two about it!
  • Of course they can - they are best at everything.
  • Some can, some can't. Those who try to use a microwave... not so much. Lipton shouldn't be allowed to use "tea" on the label, particularly on "instant" mixes. But if you have a tea kettle, it's really almost foolproof, and hard to ruin.
  • Americans make dreadful tea, period. Rule number one, always brew tea in a pot and never in the mug. Brewing in a pot gives the tea a much better opportunity to infuse with the hot water. Rule number 2, always add the tea to the milk, and never the milk to the tea. Rule number 3, if using milk only use semi skimmed milk with tea, never use that awful Ultra heat treated milk or full fat milk/cream, it simply destroys the taste of the tea. Follow these rules for a cup of tea which the queen would be proud of.
  • I've had English tea while living in England and I was not impressed.
  • Ewwww no! Not the one I had in New York. It was that week I could see the bottom of the cup.
  • i won't speak for everyone else but i know i sure do (born in u.s but mixed with 4 different races) i don't think it really matters where you are from as long as the necessary items are sold there. there is no 'real yes/no' answer to this question. more like a good/bad opinion.
  • Lindy's in New York made me a proper pot of tea ten years ago, since then it has been disappointing. They either over or under brew the tea.
  • LOL LOL LOL! Americans can only make tea with a tea bag!
  • We make sweet tea down here in the south 3 to 6 gallons at a time two or more times a day at least and that's not including the unsweetened tea. The sodas and coffee sell more than the tea,but obviously enough people like it that it's sold in every restaurant I can remember working in, so if it's not your particular 'cup of tea' obviously plenty of people down here like it just fine! Oh occasionally someone will ask for hot tea. We usually give them a cup of hot water with a tea bag. I also ask if they would like cream. Sweeteners are usually on the table.

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