• part 1 - possibly. definitely IS addictive. part 2 - true, but out of how many stimulants? 15 or 100? part 3 - true.
  • They say bad habits never die, only hibernate.
  • Idk about the facts, but it is possible to quit smoking. I quit about 3 years ago. I smoked for 10 years. I cried and was angry but I got through it. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.
  • i dont believe you as surely there are more addictive drugs like heroin or some pain killer meds. its not difficult to quit smoking. i quit. it wasnt easy. i chewed on some tobacco. it made me so sick i threw up. dry heaves. then later, i just got sick from watching someone smoke on television. or i got sick watching someone smoke near me. or i got sick just holding a cigarette in my hand. I quit for good.
  • Yeah, it is possible. I, and almost everyone I know, have all quit.
  • Smoke-free 15 months, yes it can be done but it ain't easy
  • It's funny in a way(funny sad). Nicotine is a poison that was used to kill insects many years ago. And somehow people thought it would be okay to ingest this stuff. Of course it's possible to quit smoking. It's called willpower; the same thing that keeps people away from fast food restaurants and from polishing off whole bags of chips at a time.
  • Yes. Very addictive. But I have been tobacco free for two and a half years. You have to WANT to stop.
  • I have been a heavy duty smoker for 30 years. The only way to quit, which I have tried a few times, is Wanting to. The patch helps with the withdrawals. It is hard to quit. I have heard it is almost as bad as having a Heroin addiction.
  • i think its possible, people quit smoking all the time , ive never smoked

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