• roll call of all the students graduating, telling something about them, usually showing a slideshow of the past year's events, picture taking, and the diploma hand out. and if you got friends afterward you go hang out at a party or go out to eat.. pictures.. stuff like that! I just grad. chouteau HS in may! class of 2007! I'm in college now.. won't grad. that till 2011....
  • Never having to see any of the teachers of classmates again, thank God. I hated every single one of them from Kindergarten to Senior in high school. They said I should continue another 4 years and go to college!! HA!!!! Yeah, right. Give me that worthless piece of paper and get me out of here!
  • Do you mean the ceremony? It is usually a formal gathering where the students wear a special robe, and they all line up. There are a couple of speeches, and then they each get their name called and they walk up and get their diploma. Many students take all the required classes, and receive their diploma in the mail because they are too busy or have other things to do besides going to the ceremony. It is not necessary to attend in order to graduate.

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