• 1) "Pengkid is girl who trying too hard to act, talk, and dress like a guy." Source: 2) "What is Pengkid ? Its actually a community consisting of girl-loves-girl .. Why ? - For those who are fed-up from their over-demanding bf - For those who were cheated by their bf - For those who have no feelings / lost feelings for the opposite sex" Source: 3) "tomboy is: -those girls that wearing boys outfit but they still have feeling to boys.. means it's only their "looks" not their feeling.. and they still attracted to boys.. means they are normal =) lesbian is: -those girls that wearing girls outfit,looks girly [same like the normal girls] but they only attracted to girls.. pengkid is : -those girls that think they are boy,they wearing outfit same like boys[some of them wearing "bengkung" just to cover their breast so looks like a real MAN],and they attracted to GIRLS ONLY gay pengkid is: -those girls that wearing boys outfit and their COUPLE also are same like them.. both of them pretend as a boy" Source:

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