• Probably because thin is in. I don't think that society wants the helpful people, but rather counts on the outside.
  • Sexy = in shape = healthy. And everyone wants to be liked and look good.
  • Because people since the dawn of time, have wanted to be attractive- to procreate. To continue the human race.
  • Originally, the good bodies were most likely to be chosen for sex, but, in reality, humans are not too choosy! However, since childbearing is no longer the overriding issue in many developed countries, a sexy body has become the desire of those who feel they cannot be loved or admired otherwise. That is sad, because some of the most loving people I have known have had less than sexy bodies, but were unconcerned about it. They were more interested in cultivating the inner person.
  • I appreciate the previous answers, which are all good, but aren't we told what's sexy, and that we should want it? There's an entire media and advertising industry out there which collectively makes billions each month out of people wanting to have just this. I don't know if this is a statement or an argument but it hasn't cheered me up! :-)
  • Because people want to feel good about themselves and be attractive to prospective partners. If you've ever been overweight then you'd know it doesn't feel good, in addition to the fact that it's unhealthy.
  • Toned, fit bodies are nicer to look at and to have than flabby fat.
  • Because that would help them to find a good mate.
  • Because we want everyone to lust after us and a good looking body invokes an instant reaction where as things like 'nice personality' take alot longer to ascertain and anyway, we're so fussy we want good looks as well as nice personality so ...
  • I'm still wondering what exactly 'sexy' is. Who determines what is sexy and what is not? Oh, to answer the question I would say most people want a sexy body because they have nothing more to offer anyone.
  • I want to be "sexy" to remain appealing to the woman I Love! I have no doubts she would Love me if i were overweight... i just like the look in her eyes when i take off my shirt. (I am not in incredible shape, i still have shapes:D)
  • i beleive media plays a biiiig part in to this, with people and their confidents, as before in 1970's it was all about thin women, and women being size zero to size 8 maximum.. And now since i think j lo and beyonce came out, thats wen people wanted to be more curvous, fuller in certain areas.. am not truely sure on the impact on men, but am sure they had to go through some changes as well, like being more masculine and muscly..
  • If sexy means fit and toned then I can understand that people want to look and feel like that. The difference is that everyone finds different things sexy. I do not think you have to look a certain way to be sexy to the opposite sex. It is magazines that try to tell us what sexy is and they are not usually what the average person finds sexy.
  • Some people like to be noticed.
  • Because they want to feel good about themselves and think it will reflect themselves well. But most of the time they just want the body and it's not theirs:-)
  • Because they believe that if they are sexy they will be loved. What they don't know (sadly) is that being loved makes you sexy. It is better to have a healthy body than a sexy one IMO
  • One word, one reason, EGO.
  • To justify dancing to Right Said Fred songs.
  • There are plenty of guys who get complimented for their looks without being sculpted and muscular. I think some people just get away with having attractive facial features so they won't be too concerned about the rest of their body. Whereas some men with physically plain faces may feel the need to build up an impressive body to make up for it. I do feel inadequate if I'm standing around a load of muscular guys with their shirts off, but then it kind of puts me off if it seems like all they care about is their appearance. I don't want to stereotype anyone, those are just some of my thoughts. Some people just really enjoy excercise and take it very seriously, regardless of whether it makes them the sexiest person alive or not.

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