• Ok it was me who got pranked... My boyfriend calls me at work I totally didn't recognize his voice for some reason I think I was busy, we go through the whole ordering process and then he asks me do you give discounts? I said what kind of discount do you have? He said a discount for homosexuals I stopped and was like wtf and then I realized it was him he had me laughing for the rest of the day...
  • I wasn't the caller but this happened to me: You know how sometimes you get telemarketer calls but they just don't say anything? Well my BF answered one of these calls and they wouldn't speak. So he says, "Wow, pranked by a telemarketer. What is the world coming to?" and as he was about to hang up the phone, he says quickly "Your mother F**ks cows!" and hangs up the phone. I laugh and say to him "Wouldn't it be funny if they called back to insul you...?" and the phone starts ringing- It was the telemarketer calling back to insult him! He was like "NO! YOUR Mother F**ks cows! No, she's sucks D**k!" and all this other stuff. It was hilarious because, I didn't think they actually WERE pranking us, I didn't really know what was going on. That totally made my day!
  • I have another one, I was also the "victim" here- (Are you noticing a trend...?) I was hanging out at home one day and I get a phone call asking for my BF. He wasn't home, so I asked to take a message. His friend, being the JERK that he is (:P), says "Yes, please tell him to give Detective Baxter a call when he gets home please. He has my number". I'm like, almost crapping myself at this point. So I take the number down and call my BF at his friend's place- and explain the situation. I barely believed him. I'm thinking he did something horrible and my bf is going to jail or something. After a while, my BF calls back and asks what name was on the caller ID. I didn't know this friend so it didn't stand out. I read the name and he started cracking up laughing... He was like "That's _____ "(a character name from an MMO)! I was so pissed! But he got me good!
  • I have never made a prank call. I know that makes me sound very boorish and stuffy, but when I was at college I was the receiver of many anonymous calls which were both overtly sexual in nature and threatening.I had to have the Police monitor through the phone company. I am not a nervous person but these calls at all hours of the day and night were very frightening. Hence I do not find prank calls amusing
  • I shouldn't be answering my own question but I guess its ok. So I prank called my phone company the other day. Hi thank you for calling ____. I am Alex. How may I help you today? Alan? No, Alex. Alvin? No, Alex. Albert? No, its Alex. Alfred? Yes, How may I help you?
  • Haha, yes I've made on - it was to my mother, I liked it. I called her at work and I decided to put to use a soundboard... it was Dr. Phil, if you're wondering. So, it went a bit like this. "Hello, this is -my mother's name here-" Hi there! "Well, hello!" How many children do you have at home? "...what?" Do you love your children? "........who is this?" = And at that point, I just got frigthtened she'd to something, so I just told her it was me. XD It's a pity though... on the same soundboard, there was one that said "I want you to start living your life, as a gay woman." -dies- I really wanted to use that one...
  • This was my sister on her cell phone pranking my mom. But my mom has a flat roof, sorta like a deck I guess, off of her bedroom with a door out. One night, from downstairs, my sister decided to call my mom and tell her that it was a guy on the roof looking in and a few other tings like that. Unfortunately both my brother and I were laughing along with my sister with this call so my mom couldn't really hear well. I was is such a spot that I heard both sides of the call and my sister was basically threating my mom as a joke.
  • I used to call a fast food place and 3way another fast food place and time it correctly so they both answered the phone at the same time with the usual greeting "Thank You for calling _______ how may I help you?" and since both places would say it at the same time they would get confused and be like "WTF?" and argue with each other about who called the other LOL.
  • We made a call to someone called Mr Bate which went like this: D: Hello, is that Mr Battey? B: No. D: Oh, sorry. Who is it? B: Who did you want? D: Um, Mr Batey? B-A-T-T-E-Y B: No, that's not here. D: No? B: No. D: Well, W-who am I speaking to? B: Well, if you don't know who you're ringing up...! D: Mr Battey! I've got it down here on the paper that it's mr Battey!. Or, it may, im sorry, it might be Mr Bates, it might be mr Bate! I've got a Y at the end of the Bate in a different coloured pen, someone might have been having a joke.... saying mr Batey instead of me Bate. So, it might be mr Bate, I have I got that right?! B: Yes, well what did you want then? D: Um, hello! It's uh.. Cat Confusers here. We're just ringing up to see if your cat needs confusing as we do know that your cat is being very depressed lately. And what, basically our sevice provides is it provides confusing your cat into confusement so it wont be depressed anymore! So can we... B: Cat!!!? I havent GOT a cat?! D: You do now!! I swear I saw one on your drive the other day..... Cornwallis Road?! .... Mr Baaattey..!? Oh Battey, Battey, Battey!
  • One time I called these viatnamese people and I said "zing-zang-zong yamatota" and the guy is like " hufishim zaing yo" and then I'm like "okinawa" and the guy's wife came on the phone with a high pitched voice and she's like "who is this how do you know our number" and then I said that I am their cousin and the wife is like " viatnemse scream like conversation goes -here-" and then i am like " go to hell, i hate you... (pause) asia no good (really fast). - I am not viatnamese -
  • I used to have this keyboard piano that would sample sounds and them play them back in various notes. (The Casio SK-1) I would scream into the microphone and put a loop to the sample and it would sound really scary. Like this horrific scream that would echo and then fade out slowly. I used to call my then boyfriend's ex-roommate Pauline at 2:30 in the morning and scare the living daylights out of her. I was young, jealous and stupid. O_o
  • You call someone really late in the night and you say either I satisfied your wife last night or your mom last night. the people freak out!!!!!!!!
  • You call a chineese restaurant and talk in a high pitched vocie and say "I ate your spicy chicken and it make my balls shrink and make me talk like this!!!!!
  • once i called pizza hut and had them deliver pizza to dominoes
  • Well, it's kind of a prank call, except they called me. It was some telemarketer calling to sell me magazines I think. So, I said to the guy "If you can't convince me to buy what you're selling, I am going to kill myself." Then, I just put it on mute and listened to this guy talk to himself for two minutes. Then I unmuted it and said "You've failed. Goodbye forever." and hung up. Ahhh, I have fun.
  • Me and my little sister called 800-325-3535 which I remember because the number was sung with a catchy jingle. we dialed and when someone answered and said "Reservations" we made sounds like wild Indians.(was probably no older than 8 at the time)

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