• Why not just use his or her name?
  • I think you can still use the title General, even after he is retired.
  • The best way, I think, is by adding "two bells under five golden stars" on the right corner of the card... and should be hand-delivered!
  • Oy--meant to answer, not comment... here it is again General (Ret.) John E. Doe Street Address City, State, etc Note: If he retired as a 1-star, address it Brigadier General (Ret.) John E. Doe If a 2-star, Major General (Ret.) 3-star, Lieutenant General (Ret.) 4-Star, General (Ret.) Good luck!
  • In social invitations where the invitation is to a non official function, like a wedding, address the invitation as follows Lieutenant General and Mrs. John Q. Doe The retired status is NOT used for officers when wife is also mentioned in the address line. Inside envelope would read General and Mrs. Doe... do not use the Lieutenant part, as you use his form of address here.

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