• Give me a break. Cell phone charger wire is approx 30 gauge. Maybe even less. Wire that small could barely carry enough current to electrocute a rat. Cell phone chargers put out about 5 volts at a couple of hundred milliamperes. You'd be lucky if you could burn yourself with that. Hey! Has anyone ever put their tongue on the end of a 9 volt battery? When I was a kid, there were 9 volt batteries in tons of thing. Most of us kids knew what it was like to touch our tongues to the end of the 9 volt putting out about 400 milliamps. Guess what? None of us exploded. This story is a load of horse manure. Sheesh! The wire in that charger would melt before it could stop a healthy heart.
  • I don't know, but I wouldn't risk it.

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