• It happened to me twice in McDonalds (can you call that a restaurant? guess not! lol) and once in a PROPER restaurant in London. I got loads of apologies from all the staff, free food, free bottle of wine from there selection (I chose a limited edition red, cant remember the name but it was priced at 200 pound!) and a voucher for 50 pounds off my next meal there (the total value was somewhere in the region of 400 pound! Very nice!). I must add that this was a posh(ish) restuarant and not ya TGI Fridays kind of place!
  • Twice. Once a waiter dropped a ramekin of honey mustard and it bounced off the floor and flung dressing all over me- from my face to my shoes. The manager comped my meal and offered to pay for my dry cleaning bill, but I assured her that nothing I was wearing was expensive enough to be dry cleaned. Stuff happens and it didn't bother me that bad. The waiter was more embarrassed than I was. Another time, a waiter dumped a whole tray of mexican food onto the side of my head and my shirt- charros beans, rice, salsa, the works. Fortunately, that waiter happened to be ME! I was working at Rio Bravo and they were filming for the news and I looked over and whoops! the whole tray I was carrying on my shoulder lost balance and came tumbling all over my face. All I got in return was a damaged ego- I didn't even make the news! On a related note: I once spilled a half a cup of coffee on a woman's infant. Luckily the coffee was cold and it was just splash- the cup didn't bounce off the child or anything. I thought the woman was going to rip my head off and give me a view of my own arse.
  • Yes...we(my date and I) and another couple waited for like two hours to recieve our pizza. When the waitress finally brought it to us she spilled the whole pitcher of tea on it....we got another pizza asap and still paid for the meal.
  • I was at an expensive restaurant for a group lunch with my team from work. The waiter spilled a drink on a coworker. The entire table was offered a free dessert selection from the menu. I was hoping that the whole meal would have been free. I still had to pay $30 for lunch, but considering that I got some benefit, and the food wasn't spilled on me, I guess I did okay.
  • We were in a nice family restaurant and a first time waitress was bringing us our waters on a tray....she took one glass off the tray and of course that unbalanced the tray and down went the water, all over my husband. We felt bad for her because it was only water but it could have been worse. What if it had been coffee or hot soup? Anyway the trainer for the girl, apologized and said we could have one lunch for free or free sundaes for dessert. We went for the sundaes. It was a hot day :-)
  • sort of... I was at a Waffle House (awful house is more like it!) when I was like 8 years old. I ordered like a BLT or something, and when the waitress brought it to the table, the top bun of the sandwich had come off the plate and was lying right on her boob. She pulled the bun off her boob and put it back ON my sandwich without even batting an eye! We didn't complain, because it was the only place open for MILES and we'd been travelling all day and were starving. I just took the bun off and set it aside. Needless to say, I haven't been to Awful House since then.
  • Yes.. Once in an Italian Restaraunt a young waitress accidentally dropped a Taramasu in my lap. She was new on the job and was so embarassed . The manager saw what happened and started to bawl her out in front of everyone. I told him that it was just an accident and that it was no big deal and that is what washing machines were made for. The manager should have never done that poor girl that way. I felt really bad for her. The manager insisted on comping the entire meal for us, which was nice, but I still didn't think that it was right for him to reprimand her in front of the entire place. On the way out, I reassured her that it was no big deal and also gave her a very good tip.
  • Yes..I got a stain,but it washed out.
  • Yep just yesterday I was out with my family having lunch,the waitress spilt everyone's coffee slightly as it was all in the saucer then she spilt mine down my leg!!! She came back with a tea towel to soak up the coffee from my clothes,used the same 1 to wipe the floor then proceded to try and wipe out my bag!! Then another waitress came out said sorry for the inconvenience heres a free coffee and your money back. That was it,no apology for spilling it down my leg at all,Untill i went over there and complained!
  • Yes! I actually felt very badly for HIM! He was new and nervous! He apologized profusely which really was unnecessary! I KNEW it was an accident! I just laughed it off (because it really DIDN'T upset me) in hopes it would lighten his embarrassment! But, no, I DIDN'T get anything in "return" for it; except a replacement meal and an apology from the manager! All my clothes, with few exceptions, are "wash and dry"! So. . . .if the stains hadn't washed out, I would have just thrown them away or donated them! Life's too short to agonize over something like that! I have BETTER things to "fret" over!

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