• What file are you burning? Is it downloaded? Some downloaded video is coded for Europe, there are different region-codes, and if your DVD player is not a region-free it will not work. There are, of course, other possibilities. Can you say what kind of error your DVD player is reporting?
  • Sometimes it's the quality of DVD you buy. They are finiky sometimes. This happens to me with cheaper DVDs. Try another DVD player, sometimes it will work in other players but not yours. I also use DVD-R, so perhaps the +R is an issue. What software program did you burn it with?
  • Just a stab in the dark, but if you don't 'finalize' a DVD, it may not play in your DVD player.
  • I find it is the DVD Player... the quality of the player over the quality of the DVD. The Walmart $30 DVD player may not play a burned DVD, but the higher quality player will... also the age of the DVD player is a factor too. I had an OLD DVD player and I couldn't watch burned DVD's on it, but I could take it upstairs and see it there.
  • i just bought a new panisonic Blu-ray, downloaded a movie off limewire and burned it onto a DVD-R and DVD+R and neither of them played..says "cd incompatible" whats wrong?
  • DVD +R has always had some degree of compatibility when playing back on home set-top DVD players. DVD -R is renowned for it's near perfect playback on almost all set-top dvd players. This is due to -R using a near identical pit & land structure as DVD-ROM. DVD +R uses a different storage technique that was invented several years after the introduction of the standard DVD format. From a technical point of view +R and +RW is the better format, it's ideal for data storage. But -R's real and only great advantage is of course video playback. However, DVD-RAM is technically better than both of them; except for the recording speed. My question for you is, did you just burn the .mpeg, .avi, .mov, or .H264 file directly to the disc as if it were a JPG or did you encode the file to a .vob file before burning?
  • You probably burned it using the live file system, which isn't compatible with most DVD players.
  • DVD's don't like fire :(
  • Maybe you did it wrong.

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