• I believe wealthy is when your money works for itself. Smart investments and transactions where the only physical work one would do is sit down with financial planners and advisor's to figure out where to move their money next.
  • Hollywood, rock stars (some), athletes, big corporate buisness men and women, playwriters, songwriters...I'm in the USA.
  • Having a steady income, Good health, loving family and friends. I am from Canada.
  • Nice house and a good income a loving family and im from England.
  • Someone told me something that really illustrates wealth. Michael Jordon is rich. The man that signs his paycheque is wealthy. I am neither, but I'm happy!
  • Being financially independent. UK
  • When I can write a check and I don't have to worry about it ever bouncing I think that is wealthy (NYC)
  • Being able to buy extra things you want in addition to the things you need. US (And yes, by my own definition, I'm definitely wealthy.)
  • I think that wealthy people are powerful, at least millionaires if not more, completely business minded or esle they married or were born into it and never knew diferent.I think it's when you don't need to ask the price of something but you are still careful with your money. But then there are the rich people who have enough to live on, don't stress too much (which can't be said of wealthy people) and who are much happier than the wealthy. They don't lust for more power and use the little people. They get by and share from their heart what they have. They may not haver much money but they have some peace.
  • My usual feeling is, if you have $1 million dollars in the bank, you are wealthy. Who, among us regular folk, couldn't live the rest of our lives fairly comfortable with a "cool mil" in the bank? Even if you are 18 and have that $1 million, if you are careful and frugal, you could have an excellent life. P.S. I am a Texan.
  • Whatever their financial status, I think a person is wealthy if they never worry about their money situation. The last thing I think about when I go to bed is money - every night! UK.

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