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  • The only reason you don't like him looking at it is because you don't like the pop-ups that comes with those types of sites? If that's the case then why don't you two start up a porn collection of dvds and/or magazines? If he doesn't want to do that and still insists on looking at porn sites while you're at work then I'd put a lock on my computer. I know that on mine I can have it set to where when I put it on stand by the only way you can get back into it is with a password. You got to do what you got to do. Good luck.
  • Leach, you said: "I always end up taking if off because he has to use my computer for is college courses, and I can't always be around to watch him. And, no the pop-ups are the least of the problem....[he put $500 on our debit card buying porn]. Leach, I'm going to give you an outsider's advice. You have lost all sense of perspective about this. You are NOT his mother. You are not supposed to need to watch him all the time. HE is supposed to be an ADULT. And he's not. Get rid of him. Get rid of him now. He's a leech. He's piddled away $500 you can't afford on items you don't want and he didn't discuss with you. That makes him a thief as well as a fool. Get him OFF your computer, OFF your couch, OUT of your house. Let his mother support him through college. YOU go find a real man, or learn to do without until you do find one. Get rid of this compulsive, obsessive, sneaky, unsupportive LEECH. You don't have a relationship -- at least, not one of adult lovers who respect and care for one another. You have a relationship of exploiter and victim. GET OUT. Three years? Don't call them wasted. Call them an expensive lesson. And get free of him now. Life is short, Leach. You've already given him far more of yours than he has earned, and far more than he can pay back. You deserve better than being a nanny and cash cow for this ungrateful, hurtful, spendthrift loser.
  • I think that you should tell him to buy his own computer if he wants to look at porn. I no from experiance. My boyfriend used to look at porn on my computer and now my computer has viruses. Now I cant even use it because porn pops up on the screen all the time and once it starts it wont stop. Free porn sites are full of viruses "let him no that" maybe he'll think twice if he thinks he'd have to pay to fix your computer. Good Luck.....
  • I can sympathize. my husband has stopped coming to bed at night because he waits for everyone in the house to go to bed and then he stays up on the computer all night(until daylight) watching porn. I have had all I can take. he wont stop. I have tried asking, demanding, begging, crying, everything I can think of to get him to stop. I don't know what to do. good luck.
  • My fiance' has the same problem, but he goes onto ebay and uses his credit card to puy naked pictures of famous people. He's racked up about $200 almost and we are supposed to be saving for a wedding and all he's doing is adding another bill to keep him from saving for the wedding. I've told him how I felt about the problem, but he still does it. I don't want to threaten him with the relationship, but he is acting like a child. Maybe we need to dump these boys and find some men who aren't so obsessed with seeing naked boobies. lol
  • I know the feeling, my boyfriend of 2 years has been watching porn online too! I get so mad, i don't want to get a virus on my computer. thank god he doesn't spend money. He goes to a website where its free, luckily i have not seen any popups. I'm so sick of him doig nothing all day untill he goes to work, but watch porn. Belive me i feel your pain.! What you really need to do is go buy software at a electronic store, put it on your computer. That will block all porn sites! If you tell him how much it upsets you, then if he really cares about you. He would stop. Also he might have a porn addiction. There is such a thing, and people with porn addiction have to seep therapy. Good luck! Try to really see if you can picture spending the rest of your life with him, if you can't he is not the one. You'll meet a real man! and not some porn loving horn dog!! lol...good luck girly!!
  • I completley understand how you all feel. I have been going out with my boyfriend for 2 years now. We both still live at home so i cant kept a an eye on him. I never used to have a problam cos all guys watch porn but lately him seems almost addicted. I found loads of dvds in his room and porn on his computer history. So a few months ago i told him i dont want him watching or buying it any more, he agreed to this. 2 days ago i found a bag full of porn dvds in his wardrobe and a receipt with it saying that it was brought a week earlier! I feel so hurt and betrayed! i dont want to split up but there has been at least 6 times since iv said i dont want him to watch it, that iv caught him out. Please, what should i do?!!! :o
  • You got to have the best sex with him one night and tell him after its all said and done that he wont be getting it like that again if he keeps looking at porn...and tell him to get a job or maybe a new pass time,lol

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