• Though I try not I think we all do it unconsicously every time we eat from a dispoable plate or drink from a disposable up or blow our nose into a tissue. As for those companies who do it on purpose. They should be shut down and made to pay repartions (sp).
  • i think they should take a look around and think of the generations to come, and that they should STOP polluting!!!
  • There's a saying. a dog doesn't sh*t where it eats. Apparently, humans do. We get what we deserve.
  • I really dislike when people litter.
  • I'm really not bothered by it. I'll be dead before any of this REALLY has an effect on the environment...and after that, humans will find great ways to clean water, air, will be fine.
  • I think it shows disrespect for this magnificent earth we live in. Disrespect for others health and care. Disrespect for the Creator that made this earth for us. I think we all should take responsibility for our part, whether directly or indirectly. It's the petroleum we use in our cars and tires, it's the trash we don't dsipose of properly or don't recycle if possible. It's the over-packaging of products we choose to buy instead of those that aren't packed like that. It's the demands we make for new new new instread of useing what we have. It's settling for merchandise that doesn't last anymore, like our cars and appliances. I think it's best if we try to do what we can and not add to the problem.
  • we all do it one way or another. we do it with the cars we drive, smoking, hair sprays, deodarants etc so noone can moan because we all do it
  • We're not going to stop until we no longer exist.
  • What an odd question. Are you actually asking if people are FOR or againt pollution?!
  • i think one dimension of our environmental responsibility to keep our environment clean not only for our interest but also for the sake of the next generation on advice to reduce pollution is to put legislation forbid using of harmful sprays to the ozone layer ,obligate factories to get ride of their wastes in most efficient way and put penalty for any farmer burn his wastes to get rid of them
  • Revelation 11:18 “...the nations... bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”

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