• Sea scallops come from the North Atlantic coast from New Jersey to Labrador Canada, specifically concentrated off the coast of Maine. They are dredged from the sea bed as deep as 900 feet. The best scallops are called diver or day boat scallops. Divers are collected by hand by divers and they are generally the largest in size. Day boat refers to boats that fish for scallops just for the day, rather than the traditional method of dredging for up to 10 days before returning to harbor. Scallops may be soaked in a phosphate dip which adds weight, turns them more white and mushy in color and lengthens shelf life. Sea scallops are the largest of the 400 or so member scallop family with a firm textured, sweet meat. They are marine bivalves with orb-shaped shells that when quickly opened and closed cause the scallops to zigzag in flights through the water. They are free swimming and migrate during certain times of the year to different feeding grounds.
  • scallops that are caught and broughtto market in the same day. They are not bleached and tend to have a more ivory or coral color.
  • Day boat sea scallops are scallops that are harvested daily, therse are the most exspensive scallops and are normally still in their shell when purchase. This is what seperates day boat scallops from dry pack sallops and wet pack scallops.

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