• First you need to go to the gym to get the badge... you have to find all the trainers in the maze (they come one-at-a-time, so you have to find the first one before you find the second one). Once they're all taken care of, you can go to the trainer, win, and get your badge. From there, I don't remember how I got cut, I had to talk to somebody, but I don't remember if I talked to them, or if they came to me. Once you have that, chop the trees down in front of the Team Galactic building, and make your way up to the top. Talk to the 2 people. The one on the left is the manager of the bike shop, the one on the right is a member of Team Galactic. You'll be forced to battle them. Once that's over, go back down to the bike shop and talk to the guy you just saved. He'll gladly hand you a bike.
  • well, you have to beat the eterna gym leader,but before that walk next to the galatic building, Cynthia will walk up to you and give you HM01 (cut) then go and challenge the gym leader,after go and use cut on the trees outside the building go inside and challenge team galatic. good luck! Espeongal
  • If you guys are kids then you shouldn't be on this website.

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