• What parts of the Electromagnetic spectrum have not been explored? The spectrum has been experimented with, With wavelengths of kilometers (radio) to fractions of a nanometer (Gamma Rays)
  • Qualities involving wavelengths interactions with other quantities perhaps?
  • Is the scientific community confident that we have some kind of receptors or means of observation for all the phenomena that might be out there? Things other than wavelengths on spectra? (I'm not coming from a religious angle here - I'm a nonscientist but a reader about science at the ~popular level, and I'm honestly wondering. And BTW, somebody downrated this question so I kicked it up again 3 points because it interested me.)
  • The elecromagnetic spectrum has been pretty well explored. At the top end, the highest energy photons are so energetic that whenever they pass near any matter, they will create particle/antiparticle pairs, so they are not much practical use. At the other end, the photons carry so little energy that it is difficult to see what they could illuminate or interact with usefully. There is an area in the terahertz range, above the microwaves used for cooking , communications, and radar, but below the far infrared, that has been difficult to synthesize and therefor has been little exploited. But ways of generating such waves are now being developed, and they may give rise to some novel forms of imaging.

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