• This depends on several factors including how often the baby is eating and also the size of the baby. What is "normal" for each baby varies from baby to baby. Mothers who breast feed their babies really have no idea how much their babies are getting. The concept of "on demand" feeding is pretty popular and one of its theories is to let baby feed as long as he wants and as often as he wants. I totally subscribe to this. If your baby is having an 8 ounce bottle every three hours and still acts hungry or cranky after your done feeding, I would suggest giving the baby more. You can't feed your baby too much. They will tell you when they've had enough.
  • We were giving our 3 month old 6 oz of formula at one feeding and she still seemed to want more. The doctor said this was already too much for her little stomach to hold at one feeding, so we cut back. I think 8 oz at one feeding would be alot for the size of the stomach of a 2 month old. Now our daughter is 7 months and I know that she will keep on eating if you give her more. She has never "told us" that she'd had enough, she will keep eating. You have to put some limit on how much food you give them. They may be tired or just fussy and not necessarily hungry!
  • my two month old is taking 6oz at each feeding (every3-4 hours) and the Dr. said that he shouldn't be eating that much but if I just give him 4 he screams, or 5 he screams after six he's satisfied and screams no more. I think that in this particular live with your child every day and know them better than the dr.
  • your child sounds a lot like my oldest. One thing comes to mind. Do you use a pacifier? Before I get attacked for suggesting this, keep in mind my wife and I were totally against them until we had a baby who screamed at the top of his lungs if he didn't have something to suck on. Have you tried the pinky in the mouth yet? Turn your pinky soft side up to the roof of his(?) mouth. If he latches on to it, and is soothed, you have a sucker. Get yourself an orthidontic pacifier and get some sleep. 8 ounces IS a lot for that age, but if he doesn't seem to want to suck without the formula, you should watch his wieght. Is he gaining normaly and filling an average number of diapers per day? If so, there probably is no problem. If he is gaining more than he should or is filling too many diapers, there could be a problem with metabolism, or it could be the formula isn't getting him what he needs. Try soy. Ours actually stopped eating and lost a pound at the same age. We switched formula brands and he suddenly was fine. If you are on a WIC program, they may tell you you can't get formula brands they are not contracted to buy. If you find he needs a different brand of formula, and does better with it, get a prescription for it from your doctor. With a presription, they have to let you have it. These are just some ideas. I'm not an expert, but I do know if this is your first child, you are likely being treated as an worry-wart newbie by a lot of professionals. Been there, done that. Keep contacting your pediatrician and asking questions. Ask other doctors. Search the internet till your eyes go blurry. You will figure it out and people will eventually listen to you. It's scary at first, but it gets better. Then they become teenagers and you start loosing sleep all over again. Ain't parenthood grand? But seriously, I had a lot of worries in the beginning, but I never did and never will stop loving my three. They better take us in when we're old and decrepit or I'll kick there grown-up butts! Remember though, if everything else is normal (weight gain and bowel movements) don't let the Doctor intimidate you, just feed him and relax. Some kids just have fast metabolisms. I did. I ate like a horse from infancy to my 30's. I have never had a weight problem.
  • my son starting drinking 6 oz at 1month 1/2 he was eating 4 and would cry alot so i gave him 5 and it was ok for about a week or soo i told my dr i was feeding him 5 oz he said it was too much because he was gaining to much weight he said he weighed wat a 4 month baby would weigh well now he almost 2 months and doesn't seem satisfied with 5 so im giving him 6 oz and he couldn't be happier!.. this is my third baby and i can tell you from experience if he wants it give it to him.. every baby is different... if he throws up maybe hes having to much but i cant definitely recommend a pacifier :) .. i sleep 8 hrs at night.. i say im lucky i guess!
  • Child is hungry I guess. Seems a bit much.

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