• I just phoned my friend who is a dentist and asked that question. He said it's your nerve and not the teeth. What he wants to know is, "Does your teeth hurt only when it is irritated by cold or does it hurt spontaneously?" From his experience treating patience, he believes it's just an irreversible pulpitis and you may need a root canal treatment. But he recommends you seek a dentist first to be sure. I hope this helps...
  • I have found getting my teeth cleaned often and having a goal of gum counts of not more than 3 helps. that means your gums are healthy and have glued themselves to your teeth forming a seal so the nerves are covered, remind your dentist to look carefully. Or you brushe to hard and irritated the gum.
  • Get to a dentist!
  • go see a dentist and he'll let you know whats causing it
  • You should visit a dentist. The nerves present in the pulp make teeth sensitive to cold.

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