• Red-eye flights are defined as departures between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. local time. These flights are called "red eye" because only a lucky few get a good sleep on planes. Reference Links:
  • A "red eye" flight is a night-time flight. Personally, I prefer "red eye" flights for international flights because I sleep on the plane and wake in the morning at my destination and avoid jet lag! But as someone else said, some people can't sleep on planes (the engines are LOUD, the movement of all the people around is a distraction, and the turbulence can sometimes be pretty bad)
  • You fly overnight, wake up, get off the plane and your eyes are red. Caused by the dry air on the plane especially combined with the fact that they are overnight flights and if you can't sleep on the plane then you will have been up all night. If you can sleep on the plane it is certainly the way to go as it helps with jetlag and also provides you with a full day in the city that you land.
  • It's a late night flight, usually after midnight, named so as the eyes redden from sleeplessness (b/c you're waiting to catch a late night flight)...

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