• That boy is an all out full throttle American four letter word..................................HERO.
  • Someone has the courage to say what we all feel but were afraid to say. Those brave enough to speak out against the tyranny oppressing us is to be lauded for their honorable accomplishments.
  • Hero in an ugly package! The truth is more important than republican/democrat. Someone has to expose the truth! there are terrible things going on in our corporations and government that need exposing before it's totally out of our control. The people are the ones who suffer ultimately.
  • Thank God for Michael Moore, and if you think otherwise, watch Farenheit 911.
  • michael moore has not convinced me, here is why- I don't get my info on stuff like that from movies.?, I have fingers, and eyes I use for reading books, and wading through this waste-ridden al gore invention(not the Manbearpig invention the other one). One thing I find very consistent among friends and other people I have talked with on this subject before and after his films = they needed no more research, it was over they bought him. His films didn't really look at the subjects, they choose a side and had their go at "information compilation" and editing [poor sportsmanship(ok the guy couldn't walk more than a couple miles, even if there was a KFC)] almost anything can be made to look bad, really bad
  • He's just a fat guy as far as I'm concerned. I don't need someone telling me what to think, even if he's right.
  • I find him a hero.Through mainstream media we are literally brainwashed into believing things that are not true.This is happening in all facets of our lives.We need an independent spokesman to put a balance on things and this will help us think more sanely.The things he says in his videos I have already researched on my own and already knew about.Every story has many sides to it and we need competent people to show other ways of thinking.He expresses what free speech is all about and tells it like it is not matter if people like him or not.
  • He is Hero, Nor Villan - He is a greedy, narcissistic opportunist. He should be lauded for one thing - He is a genius. Admittedly, a Genius of Lies, Propaganda and Self-promotion, but still, a genius. If you cannot spot his baldfaced lies and deception, then please take yourself over to And Where you can find the record set straight. People think that It is because of Bush that the rest of the world is laughing at America - but I can tell you, its not. Its Moore and his followers who cause our endless mirth, with his increasingly bold lies, and blatant narcissism and lunacy, and those who follow him blindly like sheep. As I've said in the comments - If Moore is An American Hero, Then America needs to take a long hard look on what it has become - and it will come away from that mirror with tears of shame. (Yeah, I'm going to get rated down for this answer, and frankly, I don't care.)
  • Where's the "douchebag" option?
  • He turns the tables on the "spin" we are spoon fed through the media. It's good to have free thinkers.
  • It's a bit simplistic and dangerous to start seeing people as heroes or villains - nobody's perfect, nobody's always right or always wrong, so you have to be a bit careful about bandying such ectreme words around. However, I do think Moore in general is a Good Thing. That's not to sya I agree with him on all, or even most of his viewpoints, or that I think he's a moral angel. But I think it's good to have people like him in anysociety, who insist on rattling the cage, upsetting the apple cart and generally making a lot of noise in the opposite direction of the media, the majority or the government. It reminds people that there are alternative ways to think, it keeps people interested in what's going on around them - even if he only riles people into disagreeing with him the fact that he makes them think about how to defend and argue their position is a good thing. It's people like him that stop society from blindly accepting the status quo. OK so he might be extreme, he might be wrong and he might be thouroughly obnoxious - but at least he makes people pay attention to something other than soap operas and Paris Hilton's jail sentence. So fair play to the guy.
  • I think he is neither. He is a journalist, controversial, smart, sometimes courageous, sometimes annoying, but not really a hero or a villain.
  • I really do not pay him much attention at all. I think he is very good at what he does best. He knows how to get people stirred up and is very good at pushing people's buttons. I don't need anyone telling me what or how to think, or to let me know that some of the crap going on now is not right. It really doesn't take a Quantum Physicist to figure that one out.
  • Neither. He's a film maker. He makes films to further his agenda. He's basically a lobbyist with a camera.
  • Ya know, Churba, for someone with a Bachelor's in Theology, you cuss an awful lot. And I was going to be nice and not say anything about your previous comment: "I'm also a flight attendant, and hold a Bachelor's degree in theology(What a waste of time THAT was." But you, for some reason, keep on talking to me. So... I would say that it WAS pretty much a waste of time--what does being a flight attendant have to do with Theology? Like being a flight attendant brings you closer to God just because you're in the sky. Like you needed a Bachelor's degree in Theology to serve drinks in the sky?! From your foul language, I can tell that the Bachelor's in Theology hasn't solidified your relationship and devotion to God. So what WAS the point?
  • Farenheit 9/11 is the best piece of propaganda since Triumph of the Will. I don't really consider him a hero or villian. More of a filmmaker with an agenda.
  • Immensly annoying and can make a conspiracy out of anything.
  • He's neither. He's a documentary producer. And whether you swallow his theories whole or reject them out of hand, if they get you to think, to scrutinize, to research and to learn, then he's doing his job.
  • Usually quite a lot. He's a widescreen version of the average sized man.
  • A male (?) Rosie Odonell.
  • villain.
  • i agree he is a filmaker... he is niether a hero nor a villian only a person who makes documentaries about things he cares about. yes, his opinion is biased, but whose isn't??? i respect him and think it will be a scary day the day his films are censored as the bush administration is trying to do with his latest "sicko".
  • Since he hates America and everything it stands for I suppose he is a villain. I really don't think he deserves a second thought. If he were not propped up by the extreme leftists in Hollywood we would have never heard of him.
  • I see him as a thought-provoker. You don't have to agree with him, but he does raise some interesting points.
  • I see him as a thought-provoker. You don't have to agree with him, but he does raise some interesting points.

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