• Baseball. Because they are the Boys of Summer, and I am a summer person.
  • I prefer NHL myself. Where else can you see 6 guys who want to hurt 6 other guys, all wearing blades on their feet, wielding a stick, while a pound of frozen rubber is flying through the air. Hockey is the only profesional sport where the referees are wearing protection.
  • I guess in order of preference it would be: - MLB. I love baseball since I was a little kid. - NFL/NBA I like them almost the same. - NHL. Never been too much into hockey.
  • NHL. Hockey is really the only major team sport I like watching.
  • I don't know, probably NBA because we have a hometown World champion team. haha. But with every new sports season, I fall in love with whatever's on. Football, baseball, even hockey.
  • Even before the Colts moved here to Indiana I was a big New England fan now that they won the Super Bowl (and it is great for the state practically all we've got going for us besides corn) I've eaten alot of sh*t Try being the only guy watchin your team when everybody else is a turncoat and going along with the home team.
  • I'm a Hockey boy for life, though the NFL is fairly entertaining, if only for 16 days in an entire year.
  • NHL, the most passion and the least amount of criminals out of the 4.

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