• i dont see why they wouldnt. i like chocolate and if i was a woman i might even admit to liking flowers
  • I am sure a lot of women like chocolate and flowers but i bet they would love something even more unique and special and a little different to the normal.
  • No, I don't like flowers or chocolates (well, alright, I like chocolates but not really as a gift) - they seem so commercial, disposable and something that you can't really share with the other person. I'd much rather the person spend the money on something we can share if they're going for a disposable gift, but even more so, I'd like a gift more geared toward me as an individual with a bit more thought put into my personal tastes.
  • Yes I do
  • some do... but so do some guys... I once dated a girl who had fun reversing gender roles on me... really kept me on my toes... and don't mean I was wearing heels!
  • Its depends on the girl and why and how your giving them, often its not about the type of gift you give its about the fact your giving something in the first place. plus a bouquet of her favourite flowers will mean a million times more than a bunch of storks from a petrol station. likewise a box of personalised chocaltes will mean more than a bar of cadburys finest. At the end of the day the mmost romantic gift is something that means something to you as well as her.
  • i cant speak for all females on the planet , but i love flowers and chocolates, and only a one of my ex`s ever gave me flowers .
  • It really depends on the individual, and I must also add, the emotional state, the cravings, etc. My wife, in general does not like store bought flowers, so we grow our own. But on occasion, she likes to be "treated" to the indulgance of store bought flowers. As to chocolate, it's a craving thing for her. She will go for two or three months not even interested, then all of a sudden, I have to run to the store and get the darkest chocolate I can find, or perhaps a light milk chocolate. It's a rather multi layered answer.
  • Not if they have hay fever and they're trying to lose weight.
  • Apparently chocolate actually contains a hormone-like substance which gives genuine and immediate relief from PMT. So we'd better hope they like it, for our own good. Flowers ? Who doesn't like them ?
  • Sure but not at all times... there's a lot of things that a woman wants from their man. Guys better know it. (- -,)
  • I'm a woman, and yes I do. I especially love it when men show up at my door with flowers on dates. I'm impressed when he brings me unorthodox flowers--not the usual carnations or roses. I love irises, I think they're sensual and sexy. I like chocolates too, but I prefer a very small box of very fine chocolates. My current favorite is Jean-Paul Hevin. I do not like big boxes of mass produced chocolates. Take notes, refined gentlemen--nothing says "I am unsophisticated" more than a huge box of cheap chocolates.
  • yeah cos we don't get them bought for us every day if we did then we would not appear so greatful!
  • we love chocolate because: when it comes from the man of you love its totally romantic its a great way to calm yourself when your stessed having chocolate after a looooooooooong day of school/work and the main reason it tastes AWESOMELY good :) WHAT CAN BE BETTER? we love flowers because when it comes from the man of you love its totally romantic aswell and well it looks pretty BUT CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST!!!
  • It is the thoughtfulness that we like. At least that is from my point of view....
  • Some do... Some dont... One things for sure though nearly everyone likes surprises. They show thoughtfulness and make you feel special cause someones been thinking of you and who doesnt like that? It doesnt have to be something big either! In Ireland they dont sell Lucky Charms, one place in Dublin sells them from time to time but they're like 10 euro a box! O__o My bf bought me them one time and I was thrilled! It showed he was paying attention, knows I like them and made the effort to get them for me. Needless to say it made me smile!
  • I like chocolate! But I'd rather have a potted plant than cut flowers that quickly die. They make me really happy when I get them, but it's sad to watch them die.
  • some do, im not one of them

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