• I wouldn't think so. With my luck, the bullet would probably ricchocet (sp) and I would shoot myself before drowning.
  • Of course. The kickback from the gun slows your body some. We know from Vietnam War footage that the impact of a bullet is enough to knock a man down; in this case it would shove you backwards, that is, slow your speed a little. However, it all depends on how high you fall from--a human body quickly reaches terminal velocity from air resistance and doesn't speed up any more. Dont' remember what, but it's less than 200 miles per hour because that's about the diving speed of the fastest hawk. And there would be no ricochets at that angle. Empty the gun & then throw it straight down. (Where do you come up with these hypothetical questions? It ain't never happened and it ain't never GONNA happen!)
  • No, I think they tried something like this on Discover Channel show Mythbusters. It didn't soften the impact at all.
  • Agree with the slight deceleration force, but please also consider the fact that still water is motionless and if it has just been impacted by a bunch of bullets then the water is agitate and aerated and hence less dense and the lower denisty would absolutely soften te impact a bit, probably not enough to save your life unless you laid out in the horizontal position that parachutists use when their chute fails. Recall that there have been a few isolated instances when parachutists survived tragic falls by laying their body horizontal and arms and legs out to spread the shock and impact over their whole body, but I digress. Yes it does soften the impact.

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