• Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec 893 Industrial Drive Elmhurst, IL 60126 US Ph: 630-834-4340 Fax: 630-834-4322 NOTE: Descriptions below are directly from their on-line catalog. Model DPW-HD: Latini International's exceptionally well designed DPW machine has proven over time to be the most efficient flat lollipop machine on the market. Our basic design has been the industry standard for decades and we have an extensive collection of available die designs, as well as an engineering staff ready to bring your design ideas into production. Recently upgraded features such as dual digital electronic heat control, allowing for a variety of wrapping materials, and a rotary candy knife make the DPW-HD an extremely reliable machine. The heavy-duty construction and great versatility in production make this a great choice for the growing candymaker. Ideal for larger diameter and heavy weight lollipops, we are able to produce most proposed designs, including vertically-banded, sandwich-wrapped ball lollipops. Capacity: Up to 250 pcs./min/ Lollipop weight range: 5 to 28 grams Sticks: Paper or Plastic Wrapping: 4 Side Sandwich Wrap 2", 2 «", or 3" cut-off =============== Model HLM-DC: Latini International's high speed flat lollipop machine has been recently redesigned to form and wrap over 600 lollipops per minute. We have incorporated our long standing, proven design with features such as a dual rotary candy knife, a rotary paper-cutting knife, and dual digital electronic heat control. This advanced heating system further diversifies the machine by allowing the use of various OPP films, metallic films, wax paper, cellophane and other heat sealable films. Capacity: up to 600 pcs./min. Lollipop Weight Range: 5 to 14 grams Sticks: Paper or Plastic Wrapping: 4 Side Sandwich Wrap 2" or 2 «" cut-off
  • Dear's, Please let me know where can I buy single end twist Lollipop packing machine?
  • Detailed Product Description: 1. Constant temperature candy rope drawing machine of hard candy. Quantity: one set. Power: 2.5kw. Overall dimension: 3200 X 560 X1700. 2. Abnormal lollipop mold/pack machine. Quantity: one set. Power: 3kw. Overall dimension: 3000 X 1025 X 1650. 3. Cooling conveyor machine. Quantity: one set. Power: 0.75. Overall dimension: 4000 X 500 X 600. 4. Vacuum boil pot of candy. Quantity: one set. 5. Candy melting pot. Quantity: two sets.
  • Hello, We are Golden Orient Machinery Co., China. Our company is specialized in supplying whole processing and packaging machines for candy, ball/flat lollipop,bubble/ball/chewy/chicle gum, chocolate and other confectionery industries. We have been in this circle for about 10 years with rich experience and rich resources in machinery and raw materials. We can offer you Lollipop machines on the basis of competitive price and reliable quality. If you have any interests in this, please don't hesitate to contact me. Lily Chen Shanghai Golden Orient Machinery Co.,Ltd Suit203 Bldg No.3 ZhangYang Rod., Pudong Sanghai 200135 China Tel: +86-21-58520083 Fax: +86-21-58607985

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