• No. I would not lower myself to their pathetic level.
  • lol,do you think anyone would give you an honest answer for that 1,but my answer would be no cause 2 wrongs dont make a right.
  • NO , I would never have sex in a casual relationship just for the sake of it. My partner would be history if he cheated so no need to 'get back' at him.. Why would I want to make myself feel cheap and slutty to try to hurt somebody that would no longer be a part of my life
  • Any excuse for a good screw is alright with me.
  • no, i wouldnt do that. just because they cheated on you doesnt mean that you should be just like them, that just makes you sink to their level.
  • If you have revenge sex to get even with your partner for cheating, then you're no better than your partner! Don't handle the situation like a child by throwing a tantrum. Handle it like an adult, even if your partner can't.
    • Majik-1
      YES...LEAVE the bastid!!!
  • Nay..I would dump her and continue concentrating on having "good sex".
  • thats in a movie.."dirty love"..its a pretty good movie, you should rent it..but about the question, no i would not, i just would scream my brains out at him and break up with him and wait for him to come crawling back to me..and deny him and let him cry and plead..that would be worse than revenge sex..:]]
    • Majik-1
      Actually...that would be BETTER than revenge sex!!!
  • I would not lower myself to their level. If I couldn't bring myself to forgive then or ever trust them again, I'd leave.
  • No! two wrongs do not make a right i would be so immerture bringing myself down to that level and doing it just because he did it.
  • nope because it would make me even more low than they are and that is just not my style.
  • no. I'd just leave! that type of childish behaviour wont solve any problems and certainly wouldn't make anyone feel any better.
  • Nope just kick their sorry ass to the curb..
  • Naw... Seems to me the "get out of jail free" card is more useful in your pocket than it is when it is redeemed.
  • If I were willing to treat my partner like that, I have no business being in a relationship. Relationships are about repsect and trust, not who has the upper hand.
  • No that's shallow and counter productive. If the point is to move forward then that will not help. Beside sex is for pleasure not pain(in most cases)
    • Majik-1
      Some people find pleasure in the pain!!!
  • No - two wrongs make two wrongs.
  • Sure, if I was still in high school. I think most adults would move past that kind of childish behavior.
  • I would have in the past...probably not today though!
  • that would be childish - i would just move on - i dont have time for games and nonsense or ppl that dont want to hang with me
  • No, I wouldn't cheat back. She would just get a nice pile of divorce papers. That is the ultimate betrayal of marital trust, and I will never stand for it.
  • No I would promptly dump them and move on.
  • No because that wouldn't make them feel the same. They already don't care enough to be faithful, therefore they couldn't experience the same sense of betrayal. (Being betrayed by someone you were loyal to) You could make them mad, or jealous, but why use another uninvolved person that way. If you decide to break up, do so, and sleep with people in the future for reasons that don't involve your ex. If you decide to stay together, sleeping with an outsider won't rebuild trust, it won't convince you that your partner won't cheat again.
  • No !! I would not lower myself to that level. I would divorce them and go on about my way.
  • Nope i would leave him . wouldn't waste my energy further.
  • Why perpetuate something that is so destructive in any kind of relationship? Either work it out or finish it.
  • No. I think just me leaving hurts as much.
  • I doubt if my spouse would ever cheat and I would never cheat on him we have been married 24 years, why ruin a good thing!!
  • no, you must remember revenge is like good wine, it's best when served very cold" wait for them to go to sleep and apply a couple of drops of "super glue" to a strategic part of their body.then in the morning when their bladder is full they will realize what has happened. then its an embarrassing visit to the emergency room....
  • No i would'nt sink to the scum bags level
  • Absolutely not. Getting "revenge" is still hurting yourself. I wouldn't even waste my time
  • No, I wouldn't. It wouldn't fix my hurt. I simply would get away from her as fast and as far as I could, and let things take its course.
  • Hopefully not.
  • That's actually worse than the first offense. BTW: I did NOT. And we stayed together for 5 years afterward.
  • no. getting revenge doesn't not fit into a healthy relationship in my book. neither does cheating, but nobody is perfect, and i believe in second chances. if he did it again i would break up though.
  • No, I would just walk away knowing that they will probably never change. Believe me walking away is better then revenge.
  • No, but I would have good sex with someone new, because I wouldn't be having any sex with her again
  • No. You don't need to lower yourself to their level. You are a better person than that.
  • Revenge is never a good thing, some people think it would make them feel better, but in the end it just makes you feel as evil and pathetic as the person who cheated on you. And if you have made up then cheating on them after they cheated on you just makes the whole situation worse.
  • i'd want to, but showing youre the better person is the best idea, if theyre a true love and a good person then theyd feel extremely guilty for what they did. if they dont really care what they did then theyre not worth the time. Don't go for the revenge sex
  • No, I split with a guy cos he cheated on me. He completely didnt trust me the whole time (because of what he had done obviously) and followed me to the toilet and everything if we were out at a bar and when I found out he cheated on me, it was harder for him to deal with "Im sorry, I cant get back with you, you have cheated on me and hand on heart, I have never once cheated on you" so that hurt him more! I wouldnt hang around for somebody who didnt respect me enough in the first place. xx
  • no that's not who I am.
  • Sex is for fun, not for revenge!
  • No because we wouldn't be together anymore.
  • nope I would go on with my life with her right there, we have kids and cant split but when her fast and furious relationship is over shell find that her marriage had been. my point is I think it would be better to realize your only human and your partner is just an animal
  • I wouldn't have revenge sex to hurt them back. I'd have revenge sex to make myself feel better.
  • NO...IF they were cheating on me, that tells me that they do NOT care about me, so they won't care that I did it!!! PLUS, I wouldn't USE someone else in that manner...they did NOTHING to me to deserve that!!! 😕😖

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