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Fort fabricators, Paris France entered into a contract with ABS Computer INC, is Texas U.S.A. The contract provides that Fort Fabricators deliver 1000 personal housings by November 1 to ABS Computer INC, for a total price of 50000 USD. On july 1 Fort fabricators emailed ABS computer that due to a rise in raw material they could not deliver the computer housings for less than 60000 USD, ABS computer inc replied it would insist on the original price in the contract. Fort fabricators did not reply further. From July 1 to October 1, ABS Computer inc could have purchased the substitute housings from other suppliers for 55000 USD. On November 1, ABS computer INC, bought the housings for 64000 for delivery on January 5, because of the delay until January 5; ABS computer Inc, suffered additional damages of 2000. What is the amount of damages the ABS computer INC was entitled to ? Explain

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