• 5. Episode IV Tatooine Episode V The Hoth System, Degobah, Bespin (Cloud City), Episode VI Forrest Moon of Endor. Alderaan wasn't included because it wasn't there, so he couldn't visit it. You can't ride your bike if it has been stolen from you. And although Endor is indeed a moon, like the name says, I didn't see a bigger planet that it belonged to so it is being included because Luke visited it, unlike Alderaan which he didn't even see. May the force be with you.
  • we might want also want to ad yavin 4 from "episode 4 a new hope" to the list. even though this was a moon of yavin, as long as it has oxygen to breathe & gravity, it should be included. for those who don't remember, it is where the rebel base was in the end that luke blew-up the death star to save. it can probably also be presumed that it is also where the award ceremony for luke, han, & chewey (even though chewey didn't get a medal) was held, the final scene of the film.
  • You could also add that a developing foetus of Luke Skywalker visited Coruscant and Mustafa in ROTS...but that's just being silly isn't it?
  • One word: many

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