• Advantages of wallpaper: "The great thing with wallpaper is that it is harder to do but once it is done it lasts a long time.You can get 10 to 15 years from wallpaper. When I paint a room it seems like before long I am painting it again. Especially with children :-) When it comes to redoing a room that has been wallpapered if the room was prepared properly the change should not be to difficult .By that I mean,a good primer applyed under the paper makes removel easier. There are methods for removing paper also. In the long run it can be cost effective, due to the amount of years you can get from paper. And nothing compares to the beauty and warmth you get from wallpaper. It will add so much character to a room. Wallpaper will change the whole visual appearance of a room. It can brighten a room, add lots of character, make it warm and cozy and even make it look bigger and that sometimes suprises people.It will bring out your personality. Create a theme through out your house.Wallpaper will give you an assortment of colors to work with right from within the paper. Wallpaper will bring out things in your home that were lost with plain white walls. Accentuating angles and fire places and much more. My personal accountant shared with me that wallpaper adds value to your home.Thats always nice.:-) Wallpaper is always in. It will never go out of fasion. Not even foe finish painting can capture the beauty that wallpaper offers.The paper companys are always coming up with new patterns to keep up with the latest trend and still keeping the old patterns which I like." (from Disadvantages of wallpaper: * Humidity can cause it to become unglued. * It’s easily soiled and damaged. * Older paper nearly impossible to match color or pattern if damaged. * Costly to replace. Advantages of paint: "Paint is the most popular and practical wall treatment. Why? Because it is quick, easy, and generally the least expensive way to give a room an instant "makeover". Like cosmetics, paint can call attention to fine details or mask less than perfect ones. There are two basic kinds of paints, and their different composition affects their color and use. 1. Latex paint is water based, washable, and quick to dry. 2. Oil based paints take longer to dry and need solvents for cleanup, but have rich colors and are durable. Both are available in finishes that range from high gloss to flat. Gloss paints intensify their colors and cover more area per gallon of paint (approximately 600 feet). Flat covers are more subdued and cover approximately 400 square feet per gallon. Both types are washable. Check with your local paint dealer for advice on which type of paint is best for your project." (from Disadvantages of paint: * The disadvantages of using oil based paint or varnish are:· * It has a slow drying time. This depends on the oil content, the less oil the faster the drying time. * There is a long drying time between coats; this can cause an inconvenience, as the job takes longer. * A skilled applicator is required to apply it as it can be difficult to brush, it runs, curtains, laps etc. * It doesn't have good sealing properties on "bleeding " surfaces. Bleeding materials are mostly tar based and are easily soluble in oil. It is good however at covering water stains. * The heat resistant properties lower with increased oil content. * It is not alkali resistant through saponification (to convert oil into soap by decomposition with an alkali) of most drying oils but the resistance does increase by decreasing the oil content. Tung oil is very stable. (from
  • wallpaper has lots of nice patterns to choose from and even though it may 'never date' after 10-15 years it will look god awful. That's assuming of course that you like it so much you never 'go off' the pattern or style long before the decade is over. It fades if in full sunshine, is a bugger to repair if damaged and can't be cleaned effectively and will stain. However, it come in lots and lots and lots of patterns and styles, and is great for covering over walls that aren't flat. Painted walls: cleanable to the point that you can scrub marks off of the surface, durable, easy to apply and maintain. easy to change colours etc, bad surface damage can be painted over if necessary. Cheaper than paper, easy to apply. Downside: the wall must be flat and smooth or the result will look dreadful. Good preparation essential. Plain unless you want to try paint effects and all of that. The real question you need to ask is: will it stand up to the kids? If there no kids, have whatever you fancy and can afford - yeehar! Otherwise, substitute the word 'fancy' with 'practical' and you have your answer.
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