• Get a professional to fix it for you. Did you get it professionally done in the first place. Do not mess around with it because you might really ruin your hair.
  • Fun is right if you get that chemical next to any of your permed hair you are done. best to have it done right. You also might want to wait untill you was it tomorrow manybe it is curly but they got pulled to hard taken them out of the rod.
  • If you had your perm done in a salon you should go back, perms are not cheap and should be done properly. Selling a service or a product that is fit for its purpose is an idea protected in most countries by trading standards. Go back and ask them to correct the problem. If you try and fix it yourself and something goes wrong it's your own fault not theirs.
  • I agree, go back to where you got it done and request they fix it.

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