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  • Why, one of my personal favorites and most frequently practiced techniques! Tribbing is the act of two women stimulating each other by rubbing their vaginas together in a sort of 'scissor' position, where their vaginas can directly touch each other. It is highly pleasurable and allows for clit-to-clit stimulation, usually resulting in exquisite pleasure for both women. It is defined as an 'attempt to simulate heterosexual intercourse' but I strongly disagree with that definition.
  • funny, i came to this site today to search something completely different and my first (and now 2nd) post is about...tribadism! i disagree as well..."intercourse"? ... nah. but i will say this about that... many girls (from what i have heard)cannot get their vaginas to touch at all, never mind their clits,in the missionary position. i for one can, with the right girl. one girl i was with, her clit and entire area was very low and didnt stick out at all. we had to always do it in the scissor position if we wanted to make contact. my girlfriend and I, both are lucky enough to have our entire vaginal area up high and outward especially when we become excited and all. Some girls and guys find it a turn on to be large "down there" and some dont. i have heard some guys comment things like..."Looks like she has a package!"...aarrggh. anyway, i like it when i see a girl that has a large pelvic mound, that happens to really excite me because i find she more than likely will be able to trib missionary very well and then my mind wanders!. but thats coming from a girl who actually likes seeing panty lines! sometimes shows me if shes wearing sexy panties which i happen to love! (even leaving slippery ones on during tribbing for a while first. ill bet im in a big minority here!) there is also a benefit to being thin i think. i am very thin myself and so is my friend. i was with a girl once that wasnt and it was definetly harder for me. no feeling is like the one i get when my clit rubs/touches hers or, even better, when you can swear you feel it sliding up and down inside her! Karen
  • I am so glad someone talks about this! why do lesbians ignore this sex act? I want to do this very badly and im afraid I wont be able to find someone who is built right. I think the above poster-karen is right. It is about being thin, flexible and fleshy on the outside. How do you find this out though? LOL
  • Tribbing is my all time favorite sexual activity -- one I stumbled across doing as a child with my sister (we didn't know it was incest or lesbian -- we just knew it felt good)... It caused a surefire orgasm 100% of the time, and has fueled all of my masturbatory and sexual fantasies ever since... I have never been with a female as an adult, but I wish there was a creative straight or bi girl I could scissor with, our gooey, drippig wet snatches locked onto each other, pumping and grinding away to an electrifying orgasm, the scents and the sloshing noises helping it along... Anyone have a pussy to grind mine with? Let me know! Ashleigh
  • My very first sexual experience was with an older woman. We had done some simple touching on each other at an earlier time, and when she asked me if I had liked what we did I said yes. In no time she was between my legs and rubbing her vulva against mine, and it was really good. In about a minute I had this very powerful climax, so tribbing is something I'm into very much ever since then. The previous posters are entirely correct about it not being that easy with some women like it is with others. Unless a woman partner is heavyset in her lower body we usually can make a good connection, maybe with a pillow underneath to make a firm connection. I like to take turns being on top because it feels different depending if you are above or below. I like the feeling when our clits are rubbing together, especially on the down stroke, and you can vary the pressure against each other. Well, now I've made myself wet in my panties and wish I had someone to trib with. Anyone out there interested?
  • I stumbled upon this as a child with my best friend. We were about 10 or 11. We did it while playing hide and seek one time over another friends house. And again when I spent the night over her house. We did it in her bed and in the bathroom. We almost got caught in the bathroom as her brother came knocking on the door asking why we were in there together. We had to hurry and get our panties up and I remember being so mad that we couldn't finish. It was the best feeling ever. I'm 26 now and have never done it again but think about it frequently. Nothing has compared to that feeling.
  • Hi again -- Ashleigh here... To add to my original response, and clear up some other confusion, true tribbing does not simulate hetero intercourse -- not by a long shot! Therefore, SIZE NEVER MATTERS!!! Just have a wet snatch, scissor yours against someone else's, and you're good to go!! Tribbing is done with each partner's head at the opposite end, one flat on her back, the other on her back or on her side, each with their legs opened in a "V", sliding closer and closer until you're locked in, with one leg over and one leg under, pussy-to-pussy, with asses, slits and clits mashing up against one another, and you each grab onto each-others thighs and start humping, and pumping, and grinding -- making sloshy wet noises, and feeling the incredible heat of the pussy your pussy is pounding against... If I could do this now as an adult, (instead of just reliving in my childhood memories while I masturbate face down humping my pillow or wadded up blanket), if I could do this now, I would want to sometimes add a small double dildo, so as we pump and grind on each-other, a rubber dick is plunging into each of us at the same time... yummmm.... Just thinking about this makes me wet and horny, wanting a juicy pussy to trib against... :-) Now, it IS possible to do it sitting up, face to face, but it's so much harder for snatch-to-snatch contact to be maintained, and harder for the pressure to be just right... Some people might like it sitting up so you can kiss and suck nipples, but I say do that before or after, and just focus on the scissoring when it's tribbing time! To do tribbing right, your heads really need to be at opposite ends of one another... And it is SO worth it, because it is a mind blowing orgasm that awaits each girl, and, it is a 100% SURE THING orgasm -- it will NEVER fail to get you off in a hurry!!! That's why I loved it so much, and miss it as an adult... Oh how I wish some friendly girl would want to glue her creamy hot gooey wet pussy onto mine for a great tribbing orgasm!!! :-)
  • I have recently started a tribadism blog to collect all of the Tribadism resources from around the web in one place to make them easy for others to navigate. So far I have pics, vids, discussion links, definitions, and more. I'm also building a how to sections but since I'm a guy i don't really have much knowledge in this area so if any experienced ladies out there would like to help out then please feel free to write a little explanation of your faviourite position and post it in the comments so that everyone can benefit. Thanks Matt Blog:
  • stubled upon this and would just like to say how much i would love to try this but im not sure i would have an orgasm and i dont know anyone i could try it with!
  • I love reading the responses about this! I my remember doing this all the time as a teenager! I would do it with a friend of mine she lived down the street from me. I can still remember how good it felt to me I can't even describe the feeling all I can say is if you've never done it then you just dont know what your missing out on! I know alot of ladies would agree with me on that!! As a teenager I never knew it was called tribadism I just loved the feeling it gave me!! I also loved when my friend and I got to see each other not to mention how much I loved sleepovers with her!! Because it ment we were gonna rub against one another and make each other feel good. For me it was all about the clitoral stimulation I got from it, just rubbing my clit hard on another wet pussy just felt so good the climax I got oh god I can't describe it I guess I would say it was unbeliveable. Just by reading the response's some of you wrote and by writing this I got really turned on! I wouldn't mind having my friend here with me right this second (lol!). Dont get me wrong I'm happly married to a awesome man and I could never give him up for a woman but I can honestly say I have no shame in the fact that I have done this before and I always fantasize about doing it again. Now that im in my twenty's, I think about doing it and I could just imagine how it would feel to me now as an older more mature woman. My husband has told me he wouldn't mind at all if I wanted to expierment with another woman he would love it and encourage it he wouldn't even have to be with me when it happend but I do have to tell him all about it(in detail) if he's not with me when it happened( ha ha!). He has told me he just wants to see me get pleasured! (I swear he's awesome! I love the way he thinks lol!.) He loves the fact his wife has actualy rubbed her pussy with another girl's pussy it is such a turn on for the both of us I just love to watch the expression on his face when we talk about it. He loves to think about how naughty his wife was as a teenager.
  • I never new what this was called. I am a straight woman, but would love to try it. It sounds pretty intoxicating
  • Don't forget that it's a big turn-on for many of us guys to see tribbing action, especially when they're really into giving each other intense pleasure, grinding energetically and passionately. Though it's usually most visually appealing when it involves younger chicks with good bodies.
  • Oh my goodness, I accidently stumbled upon this website,but i must admit i use to do this all the time as a teenager also. Most of the time with a childhood friend. I remember we use to do this all time. It was like we always wanted to be over one anothers house all the time, because we knew what was eventually going to happen. We did it until she moved to another state, we were about 14 when she moved. So yeah, about 4 years we did it all the time. In the bathroom, in closets, in the bed together when we had sleepovers. In the playground when no one was looking, I mean everywhere. When we became preteens we had become We could make each other cum so fast, if we didn't have much time. Or we could take our time and really enjoy the scent and wetness of each other pussies slipping up and down, in and out each others pussies. I remember clearing sometimes it would get so hot we would moan and groan and scream in so much passion. Our clits would become so enlarged it was almost like we were actually fucking each other with them. My clit would get so enlarged, I would try to stick sooo far in her, and hers would get sooo big I could feel it rubbing and bumping mine and slipping in and out my pussy. Oh my goodness! I have never shared this with anyone, but is feels so good to talk about it. It got so bad or good, (I dont know lol)that we couldnt even be around each other without sneak off somewhere. We never did it the scissors way, I guess we were too young to know about that, but he always were on top of each other humping our pussies away until we would cum all over each other. Stumbling upon this site has brought back so many memories I've probally supressed. But now I would love to do it again and again like I use to. Im also happily married to a wonderful man, but I too would love to have a tribbing partner. Now that Im a 32 year old mature woman, I think it would be even better.
  • holy cow i just stumbled into this and love it! you dont see many pics of girls doing this, but when i do it is a big turn on. reading about it from you ladies that did it as kids is exciting as well. sometimes i really wish i was a female, this sounds so fun! i am a professional photographer and would die to be able to photograph this in action - are any of you in texas??? ;-) david
  • I know it's the best damn method of lesbian sex that exists! I have done it once and would LOVE to do it again.....I'm up for takers!
  • I've done it with my sister and with a friend as a teen. I had one of my best friends I've been wanting to trib with but I'm not sure exactly what she would do. I think she's kind of hot for me too, though because she's always touching me on the arms and sliding her hands around... whispering close in my ear and rubbing her chest all over me. All this reading has me hot and bothered at work. LOL
  • You can email me anytime KKtrib I've done this before and just absolutely loved it. I will give you details and you never know, we might actually live near one another. Jenny
  • how do u trib alone? or with a pillow?
  • i have been rubbing myself against pillows etc for years and have only recently discovered the correct term for this. im straight, but would love to try this with a girl. any one interested 23-28 years?
  • oh, for the good love of god, tribbing is defined and described here: educate yourselves and stop guessing or taking street knowledge as fact.
  • wow i've never tried it! is it that god? i've never been with a woman. but i would like to try it. any takers?
  • I tribbed as a young women with my "gloworm' toy. I didn't know what it was called, but knew I came quick. I used to lay on the toy, and hump it while looking in the mirror. I did this from about age 10 to 15. Now as a grown woman, I would love to experience this with another wet clit. When I watch this it is such a turn on I am ready to experience it. Maybe one day...
  • two women two pussy
  •'re just amazing, all of you! I just thought tribadism was some meaningless porno shit. I didn't realize that so many of you were doing this...with friends and sisters. I have to say this really turns me on. It makes me wish that I was a girl too. I would really like to try this but I guess I have to wait until I am reborn ( for those who believe in such things ). I think this sexual act is very beautiful and all of you who have been blessed with breasts and pussy should try it if possible! Note that I am not gay or anything, this topic just makes me jelous^^. So keep on tribbing girls!
  • For those of you who haven't been with a woman, tribbing is also just as fun with a man. My summer boy and I used to do hetero-tribbing all the time before actual penetration. Actually, we would both often come before the actual penetration, because it's that good! Basically, if you want to make your sex a little hotter with him, to increase the pleasure for you and the temptation, the tease, and the sensation for both of you, then trib before he actually enters you. When my guy introduced this to me, it was amazing. I couldn't wait to just get him inside me and finish the deed. I've never experience an orgasm quite like it. So, I hope that this helps someone!

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