• Tiger maple, sometimes called flamed maple, curly maple, fiddleback maple or tiger stripe is a feature found in maple wood. It gives the wood a unique and distinct look and color.


    Tiger maple is an alluring hardwood sold by small specialty lumber suppliers. Tiger maple is often in short supply and availability is frequently scarce.


    The wavy and curly figuring in the wood gives tiger maple its uniqueness, and makes it easily recognizable. Its moniker comes from the grain that looks a great deal like tiger stripes.


    Tiger wood is used to make violins and guitars. It is also used to craft music and jewelery boxes.


    Tiger maple is also used to make all types of furniture. Various sized tables, beds and chairs are constructed with tiger maple.


    Tiger maple furniture was abundant and sought after in the American colonies during the 18th century. It was used in the important furniture making centers during this time, mostly in New England.


    Tiger is in the grain of the wood, not the finish. The finishing technique is very important to the overall look and appeal of tiger maple furniture, musical instruments or boxes.


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