• It may seem that all the really nice earrings that you find in stores are for pierced ears. Many women are not able to or do not want to pierce their ears. Luckily there are a few different options open to you to convert pierced earrings into clip-on earrings so that you can wear stylish earring fashions without having to pierce your ears.


    Go to a local craft store and look in the jewelry section for earring converters or adapters. You can also purchase the different kinds of converters online if you have trouble finding them in stores. It will depend on what type of earrings you wish to convert to determine what kind of adapter or converter is needed. The information should be on the package or on the website so that you are aware of which type of earring it will convert. One type is designed to convert post earrings into clip-on earrings. This kind has a canal or tube on the back; otherwise they look like a regular clip-on base. The pierced earring post goes inside of the canal and bends down toward the front of the clip-on. This should not require any tools but, if you do have a hard time, carefully use needle-nose pliers to help you bend the post. Small stud-type earrings may not be able to be converted this way because the tube is too large and the studs may not fit correctly. Another type of converter is for pierced earrings that do not have a post, such as hoops or fish hook earrings that have charms. The converter has a small loop in the front of the clip on at the bottom. You have to remove the charm or hoop from the pierced base either by hand or with wire snips. With small pliers, carefully pry open the loop on the converter just far enough to add the charm or hoop from the pierced earring onto the loop then close with the pliers. You may need a jump ring-- a tiny metal ring with an opening -- if the pierced earring charm or hoop has no way in which to connect to the converter.

    Adhesive Converters

    Earring converters with adhesive pads that permanently stick a pierced earring design onto a clip-on base are also available. Remove the post from the decorative part of the pierced earring using small pliers and peel off the paper that is on the adhesive pad to attach the earring to the base. This works best for larger earrings because of the size of the pad. You do not want the pad to be larger than your earring and have the pad show through.


    Earring Converters

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