• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: You Can Never Go Wrong With White

    Movie theater screens are nothing but large projector screens, and they are white. A nice, bright white will allow colors to be projected onto the screen and show up bright and clear. A white screen does not absorb color, so whatever is projected onto the screen will reflected back into the eyes.

    On the Other: Gray Can Reduce Screen Brightness

    Using a gray color for a projector screen also has its benefits. Unlike white, gray does absorb some color, making it a perfect solution for someone who doesn't want the harshness associated with a white projector screen.

    Bottom Line

    Both gray and white are good colors for homemade projector screens. The color that is best for your projector depends on your needs. For those who want something a bit easier on the eyes, gray is the best choice. For those who are looking for a crisp, clear picture a white projector screen can provide that.

    Source: DIY Projector Screens

    More Information: Projector Screen Guide

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