• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Award-Winning Company

    Simonton windows have been around since 1946, and it currently boasts 43 styles of windows in 6 different lines based upon the geographical location of installation in the United States. It won the JD Power and Associates "Highest in Builder and Remodeler Satisfaction Among Residential Window Manufacturers" award in 2008 and 2009. It also makes energy-efficient windows and offers energy tax credits for homeowners. Users at and raved about the quality and price of Simonton windows and their durability.

    On the Other: Issues With the Windows

    According to a window purchaser at, his Simonton windows leak every time it rains heavily outside. A Simonton window user at said that every time the wind blows, his windows flicker and feel like they are about to fall out. Another user rated the windows as just okay and recommended a brand called Harvey.

    Bottom Line

    Although some customers had issues with Simonton windows, the majority are very satisfied with the product. The windows are durable, reliable and well priced. Yes, Simonton windows are good.

    Source: Simonton Reviews

    Simonton Simonton Windows

    • Tom Hudsontom
      Simonton offers nine types of windows: casements, single hung, double hung, sliders and garden windows. If you want to acquire rather than others. Yes, Simonton is cost-effective.

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