• Teenage girls worry excessively about their weight, and are unfortunately given absolutely no support by a vast majority of the media they're exposed to. Luckily, it doesn't take experimental pharmaceuticals or self-destructive eating disorders to lose weight quickly and in a healthy manner. For hundreds of years, scientists have known that the fastest and healthiest path to a lean body is regular exercise and a healthy diet.

    Fast and Healthy Weight Loss

    Take up a sport or regular aerobic exercise regime and adhere to it. Involve a friend, a group of friends, or just do it yourself, but make a schedule of when you'll do it and for how long and stick to it. Nothing exterminates the human body's fat deposits like regular, vivacious aerobic exercise such as jogging, running, swimming or running-based sports like football, soccer, tennis and Frisbee. This might sound like a lot of work and not conducive to the "lose weight quickly" aspect you're looking for, but rest assured; athletes, doctors and Hollywood stars alike all agree that this is the best way to lose weight healthily in record time. Working out will even make you feel better about yourself, as regular exercise releases endorphins in the brain, which make you happy. You should also keep a close eye on your diet, and make necessary changes to keep it natural and healthy. Lots of processed foods, devoid of any nutritional benefit, have become a normal, everyday part of our diets. Modern culture has demonized calories as being bad for you in any form, which is outrageously false. Replace useless edibles like microwave pizza, frozen foods, chips and soft drinks with fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruit. These foods will nourish your body with useful calories while flushing all the processed, fat-laden garbage out of your system. When combined with regular exercise, your body will respond magnificently. Set a realistic weight-loss goal for yourself, including a time frame, and keep accurate records of your progress. This will motivate you to work out and also serve as a deterrent from useless foods. Don't get suckered into following the cheap, dangerous paths to weight loss you can find anywhere. You just need to follow some basic rules of health and exercise, and you'll be in better shape than anyone who took the dangerous shortcuts.


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