• Mild depression is often called dysthymia, which is a chronic depression that has less severe symptoms than a major depression. However, mild depression can persist much longer than major depression and has many of the same causes.


    If a person is not able to socialize on a regular basis, or has little contact with the outside world, he can become mildly depressed.


    Losing a job, the death of a loved one, divorce or the loss of a friend or family member due to conflict can cause mild depression.


    Weight gain or change in appearance can cause a person to feel unhappy with his self-image and bring about feelings of worthlessness and depression.


    Financial concerns and new life developments such as marriage, divorce, having a baby, moving or starting a new job can be stressful and lead to mild depression.


    If you or someone you know seems to have lost interest in daily activities or appears to be low in energy, socially despondent or moodier than usual, contact a doctor.


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