• Since the Dodge Caravan has been around since 1984, it has endured many generational redesigns. The wiper blades used on it are no exception. The rear wiper blade on the Caravan may feature up to three different designs and procedures to replace, depending on the model year. No matter what type of blade the Caravan features, replacing all the wiper blades is not a difficult task and should be done at least once a year.

    J-hook Connection

    The J-hook connection on the rear wiper blade is featured on later versions of this model. Depending on the year, it will require a 16 inch or an 18 inch blade. Look up the actual size in the auto parts store where you purchase the replacement rear wiper blade. Most parts stores feature selection catalogs for customers to look up their wiper blade specifications. If for some reason the store does not, ask a service member for assistance or measure the current blade with a measuring tape and compare the length of the replacement blade. To remove the old blade, lift the wiper arm away from its perch and flip the blade slightly away from the arm. This will allow you to access to the J-hook release latch located under the blade, near the J-hook on the arm. Press the release latch in toward the arm and then pull down on the blade, away from the hook. Be careful that the spring-loaded wiper arm does not slip out of your hands and strike the rear windshield. Depending on how long the blade has been on the arm, it may give you some resistance. Once you've removed the old blade, install the new one by reversing the procedure. Be sure you pull up on the blade until you hear the audible click that ensures the hardware clip of the blade is securely locked into the J-hook of the arm.

    Small Pin Connection

    The small pin connection was common in older Caravans. This type of blade is installed on the top side of the wiper arm. The small pin stands vertically on the wiper arm and features a hinged rear wiper. Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield. Older versions of rear wiper arms on Caravans do not allow you to stand the wiper blade in a stationary position away from the windshield, so you'll have only a few inches to work with. Be sure the spring-loaded wiper arm does not slip from your hands and strike the windshield. Once the wiper arm and blade assembly are as far away from the windshield as the arm will permit, grasp each end of the wiper blade and bend it away from its center hinge. This motion of the blade will release the retaining lock on the pin. With two hands on the blade, carefully lift it away from the arm. You only need to get the retaining clip about 1/8 inch away from the small pin to release the entire blade. Then you'll be able to reposition your hands to brace the arm and grasp the blade by the center to remove it. Depending on the length of time this type of blade has been on the arm, it may be a little stubborn to remove. Employ a helper if necessary and use a flat-head screwdriver to help convince the blade off the pin. To replace, reverse the procedure until the blade is securely sitting on the pin and the small head of the pin on the arm is poking slightly through the hole on the side of the blade.

    Bayonet Connection

    The bayonet connected wiper blade is one of the oldest style blades featured on the rear of a Caravan. Like the J-hook blade, this connection sits on the horizontal end of the wiper arm. If a retaining screw is present on the top of the blade, remove it with a Phillips screwdriver. It's a small screw, so don't lose it. If there is no screw present then the wiper is held to the arm by a small ball clip that's molded at a slight angle at the end of the blade. The ball clip pops into a hole in the wiper arm. Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield and insert a small tool to depress the ball clip away from the hole in the arm. Once depressed, pull the bayonet blade off of the wiper arm with one hand while supporting the arm with the other. Reverse the procedure to install the new blade. Replace the screw or make sure the ball clip is seated correctly in the hole of the arm.


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