• Using pinch-pleated draperies to cover windows and enhance a room's décor can give it a more or less formal appearance, depending on the method you choose for hanging the draperies. Hanging pinch-pleated draperies on a traverse rod using pin hooks will create a more formal appearance, while using clip rings and a decorative rod or pole will create a more casual look.

    Using Pin Hooks

    Traverse rods use plastic grommets connected to a cord and pulley system to open and close the draperies. Draperies attach via metal pin hooks to the grommets. When using this method for hanging pinch-pleated draperies it is important to ensure each metal pin hook is an equal distance from the top of the pleat so the draperies hang evenly. If necessary, use a ruler to assist you in placing the pin hooks correctly. Mark and place hooks so they completely cover the rod. Working with one panel at a time, lay out the panel with the right side down. Slide the pointed end of a pin hook into the drapery pleat. Check to make sure the hook is within the pleat and not poking through the front of the drapery. Insert one hook for each drapery pleat. Repeat this procedure with the second drapery panel. To hang, first close the drapery rod and move the grommets to ensure equal spacing between them. Start at the outside, fixed edge of the rod and work your way in. Remove any remaining grommets after attaching the draperies. Use the cord to open and close the draperies and make adjustments as necessary.

    Using Curtain or Clip Rings

    Curtain rings are different from clip rings in the way they attach. Because pinch-pleated draperies are usually heavier than a curtain-type window covering, curtain rings are preferable as they can better support a heavier weight drapery. Hanging pinch-pleated draperies with curtain rings requires first attaching the drapery to the clip ring using pin hooks and then sliding the drapery onto the rod or pole. Attach pin hooks using the same procedure as for hanging on a traverse rod. Slide each pin hook into the attachment hole on the curtain ring and hang by sliding the curtain rings onto the rod or pole. To use clip rings, first determine how many clips you will need. For heavier drapes, use two clips per pleat; for lighter weight drapes, one clip per pleat will work. If you use two clips, place one on each side of the pleat and for one clip, decide which side of the pleat you will use and then place each clip consistently on the chosen side. After attaching all the clips, slide them onto the rod or pole.

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