• Following the "mod" design ethics of the 1970s, the 1973 Chevrolet C/K series of trucks (C-10 and K-10) had more squared-off looks and muscular proportions than earlier trucks, but still had a hint of the GM classic styling that largely disappeared in later models.

    Character Lines

    The single most dominant feature of 1973 C/Ks was the truck's side character line, which was 6-inches lower than the previous year's and almost perfectly straight.

    Wheel Arches

    Next to its character line, the '73 C/K's most defining features are it's squared-off wheel arches, which are completely flat along the top.

    Side Glass

    Prior to 1973, all Chevy trucks has utilitarian flat side windows. The 1973 model was the first to have side windows that followed the curvature of the truck's cab.

    Bonus and Crew Cab

    For the first time, C/Ks were available with an extended cab. "Crew Cabs" (a.k.a., 3+3 cabs) have a second row of seats, and "Bonus Cabs" have an extended cab but no seats.


    The 1973-1980 C/Ks were the last generation of trucks from Chevy or any other manufacturer to have two round headlights, as opposed to the two or four square headlights used in later years.

    Source: Chevy Truck History Classic Truck History Pick-Up Truck History

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