• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: You Get More When You Pay More

    The best Whirlpool electric ranges are the ones at the higher end of the product line in terms of price. The best thing about these ranges is that you can get a variety of different advanced features, such as having a convection oven or using a time-delay feature when baking. To get these advanced features that make the product worth it, though, you have to spend some money.

    On the Other: It's a Fair Product

    When compared to other electric ranges, a Whirlpool electric range is considered to be fair. It is fairly priced and offers an average number of features. It's not the lowest-cost stove out there, nor is it the most advanced. If what you want is a midrange electric oven, then it's a good choice.

    Bottom Line

    There are better brand names available for an electric stove top, depending on what you are seeking; however, if you are willing to pay for a top-of-the-line Whirlpool electric range, then you'll get a lot for your money. It's definitely a product that is at least worth learning more about as you do your stove shopping.


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