• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: They're Reliable and Durable

    Hobart makes several kinds of welders, from MIG to battery-powered welders. Hobart welders tend to receive good reviews from consumers, who report that the products are durable and reliable. Hobarts score either four or five out of five at the review website Consumer Democracy. Welder's Corner also calls the Hobart MIG welders "top flight welding machines."

    On the Other: They Don't Handle Aluminum Well

    It's been reported that Hobart MIG welders are tricky to use when working with aluminum. Using Hobart MIG welders can be, according to one review, "a tedious process." It can also be expensive to add aluminum spool capability. You may also need to buy another kind of welder if you need to work often with heavy steel.

    Bottom Line

    Hobart welders enjoy a good reputation and often get excellent reviews from people who use them. Before investing in one, however, you should take inventory of your welding needs, as some kinds of Hobart machines will not be good for aluminum welding or large jobs using heavy steel.


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